Bracketology 1.0

This is the first of three versions of Bracketology which will be done from now until Selection Sunday.   The 2nd will come at the end of the regular season.  The third will be released an hour prior to the brackets being announced.  So here goes my best Joe Lunardi impression. (did not look at his version once when doing this.)

Used many different criteria in making the selections (Conference Record, RPI, Kenpom Rating etc..) But for me the thing that separated teams from each other were wins against top teams or the lack thereof.   It will become apparent quickly that I valued “quality” wins for my seeding purposes.

The top overall seed is Pittsburgh.


1. Pitt (top overall)
2. Duke
3. St. Johns
4. Wisconsin
5. Louisville
6. Washington
7. Texas A&M
8. Kansas St.
9. Old Dominion
10. UAB
11. Georgia
12. St. Mary’s
13. Cleveland St.
14. Coastal Carolina
15. Vermont
16. Miami OH/Texas Southern


1. Texas
2. BYU
3. Georgetown
4. Arizona
5. Villanova
7. George Mason
8. Temple
9. Tennessee
10. Minnesota
11. Florida St.
12. Southern Miss/Virginia Tech
13. Belmont
14. Montana
15. Fairfield
16. Murray St.

1.Ohio St.
2. Florida
3. San Diego St.
4. Uconn
5. UNC
6. West Virginia
7.Utah St.
8. Missouri
9. Marquette
10. Michigan St.
11. Wichita St.
12. UTEP
13. Oakland
14. Bucknell
15. Long Island
16. Florida Atlantic


1. Kansas
2. Notre Dame
3. Purdue
4. Syracuse
5. Vanderbilt
6. Kentucky
7. Xavier
8. Illinois
9. Cincinnati
10. Alabama
11. UCLA
12. Colorado St./Nebraska
13. College of Charleston
14. Harvard
15. Long Beach St.
16. McNeese St./Bethune-Cookman


Last 4 In:
Southern Miss
Colorado St.
Virginia Tech

First 4 Out:

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