Overrated/Underrated: TV Shows

Overrated: Jersey Shore

I can’t believe this really qualifies as breaking from the “mainstream”, but people apparently love this show.  My only question is: why?  I understand that people love reality TV and all the ancillary benefits that come with it (unintentional comedy, sex/nudity, stupid people, over the top drama, etc).  I guess what I’m saying is, I don’t understand why you would choose this particular reality show if that’s what you are looking for.  I mean, isn’t this just The Real World minus the attractive female cast plus an excessive amount of guidos…  I’m sorry, Italian-Americans?

Just to prove my point, take a look at the photographs below.

Here are the chicks from Jersey Shore slumming it up on the boardwalk:

Jersey Shore Females: Is this really what passes for attractive these days?

And here are the pictures of two girls who will appear on the upcoming Real World Las Vegas:




I mean is this even up for debate?  A point for “Best Female Cast” clearly goes to The Real World.

Now, apart from having the more attractive female cast, The Real World is, in my opinion, funnier, more entertaining, and easier to relate to.  I suppose if you wanted to feel better about yourself, watching Jersey Shore might help you there.  Taking in about ten minutes of that show does manage to boost my self-esteem.  I mean you can’t possibly watch those idiots and not immediately feel better about how your life if going.  But on sheer entertainment value, there is a reason that The Real World is heading into its 25th season and Jersey Shore will probably be cancelled after Ronnie breaks up with Sammie for the 7th time.

Bottom line, reality TV isn’t my thing.  But if it’s yours, choose The Real World over Jersey Shore.

Conclusion: Overrated!

Underrated: Archer

I stumbled across this show about a year ago on FX around 1 AM.  I had consumed a few adult beverages and for some reason it appealed to me; an animated show which parodies James Bond and other secret agent movies with excessive and ridiculous comedy (a lot of it of the sexual nature).  Now I know what you are thinking: “are you sure it wasn’t just because you had thrown back a couple brew pops?”  To be honest I thought the same thing.  My roommate and I watched, laughed and at the end of the episode, we commented on how funny we thought the show was.  I woke up the next morning and thought to myself, “It was probably just the booze.”  So the next time I saw the show coming on, I decided to try again (stone sober this time).  And yet, the results were the same.  Low-brow humor?  Check.  Me laughing hysterically?  Check.  I would also like to add that I am not an easy grader when it comes to comedy.  It takes something pretty solid to make me chuckle, and this show definitely passes the test.


Archer: Comedy goldmine.

The premise seems very simple.  Sterling Archer, voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, is the main character.  He’s a smooth and sarcastic lady’s man who just happens to work as a secret agent at ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service).  Coincidentally, his boss just happens to be his mother and the agent he works with just happens to be his ex-girlfriend.  It sounds so simple, but creator/executive producer Adam Reed (former shows include Frisky Dingo and Sealab 2021) does an excellent job of keeping the jokes flowing.  The show itself is very reminiscent of comedy you would find on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming.  The most famous name on the show’s list of voices is certainly Chris Parnell (most famous for his Saturday Night Live stint).  He does a good job in support of the main characters.  However, in my opinion the show is clearly stolen at times by the character Woodhouse (Archer’s butler, voiced by George Coe) who Archer verbally abuses repeatedly.  If low-brow comedy is up your alley, give Archer a shot!

Conclusion: Underrated!

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