Greatest College Sports Pranks

Those geniuses may not be able to shoot a jump shot, but they sure know how to pull a prank.

I heard Doug Gottlieb talking about this on ESPN radio the other day and I thought it was an interesting subject.  It came up because the California Institute of Technology (or Caltech to most) had just ended a 310-game conference losing streak in basketball.  Whew!  Talk about getting a monkey off your back.  Anyways Caltech, in addition to their absurdly long losing streak, is famous for their amazing sports related pranks.  I mean, these guys are geniuses, and the last person you want pranking you is a genius.

The link below is to an article from entitled “9 Greatest College Sports Pranks of All-Time”.  I was going to write my own list, but why try to redo it if someone has already done it well?  Some excellent pranks are detailed here, all of which I’m sure you will enjoy.

There was also an alleged prank that I cannot find any proof of, but I thought it deserved mentioning.  Allegedly some of the Caltech students hacked into the computer system during a football game and set off the sprinkler system (kind of like that Buffalo Wild Wings commercial, but for real).  If true, that is a phenomenal prank.  Possibly one of the best in history.  Anyways, here is the link to the article.  Enjoy!

“9 Greatest College Sports Pranks of All-Time”

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