Weekly Recommendations: February 25th

Every week we’ll give you some recommendations of some stuff to try.

Stand Up Comedy-Bill Burr.

My favorite stand up out there right now.  Can’t get enough of his trashing of women.  Check out his stand up specials, Let It Go and Why Do I do this? Also, he has a once a week podcast called “The Monday Morning Podcast”, which I cannot recommend enough.  The Overrated/Underrated segment was inspired by the one he has on his podcast.  He’s also coming to Baltimore soon.


TV Show-An Idiot Abroad

If you are unfamiliar with Karl Pilkington, then I would suggest watching this show.  The premise of this show is that Karl, a middle-aged guy who has never left the UK, goes to each of the Seven Wonders of the world.  Karl is either one of the funniest idiots in the world, or is doing the best deadpan style comedy since Andy Kaufman.  Either way, the culture shock on the show is hilarious.  From the creators of the Office, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, the show airs Saturday’s on the Science Channel.  Check it out, all the episodes are on demand or online.

Game to Watch – Maryland vs North Carolina 7:45 Sunday Night.

The Sports Dudes are traveling to North Carolina this weekend to see their respective favorite teams go head-to-head.  The Tar Heels are playing for seeding and the Terps are playing for their postseason lives.  Who will have the bitter columns on Monday?  Check out Sunday Night Hoops this week.

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One Response to Weekly Recommendations: February 25th

  1. Ross says:

    Just had to post that picture didn’t you? Bobby Frasor will forever bring back horrible memories for me.

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