When the NBA Didn’t Suck: Dunk Contest Edition

This is the second post in our “When the NBA Didn’t Suck” series.  You can check my previous post for a full explanation.  The gist of it is, the NBA sucks now, but that wasn’t always the case.  So we are posting videos of great moments in NBA history to remind you that the league wasn’t always in such a sad state.  Heck, maybe with a new influx of players (and some rule changes, cough tougher age rule cough), there is hope that it might one day be great again.

This installment is an ode to the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest which featured current Phoenix Sun Vince Carter, a Toronto Raptor at the time.  While Carter’s performance was phenomenal (it may have been the best ever), it overshadowed great showings by Steve Francis, who is only 6’3”, and Tracy McGrady.  The first video below is a compilation of Carter’s dunks; the second one features dunks from Carter, Francis and McGrady.  Enjoy!

And for those of you who are sick like me and would like to watch all 50 or so minutes of this particular dunk contest, here are the videos in their entirety.  TNT used the “jump meter” for the first time in this one.  Note the 40 inch vertical by Steve Francis.  Wow!

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