2011 Redskins Offseason Guide: Part II-Offense

In this second part of the offseason guide, we will look at the needs at each individual position on Offense.

QB-Don’t expect Donovan McNabb to be back.  He may be saying all the right things, but behind the scenes, it is safe to assume that Donovan and his agent are looking for a new destination.  While the Redskins would love to somehow trade him for a pick, they do not have the leverage to do so.  Most teams know the Redskins will certainly have to cut him, so why make that trade?  This is why benching him during the season was such a silly move.  The Redskins showed their cards.  And the hand they were holding said, “We don’t think this guy is any good.”  Do not think the rest of the league didn’t notice.  Maybe a desperate team like Arizona or Minnesota will give up a late pick, but I don’t see that happening.

That leaves the Skins without a number one QB.  Look for them to resign Rex Grossman for cheap.  We all know how well he knows the system and his two-minute drill prowess.  This leaves a huge question mark for the future.  How patient will the Redskins be?  Cam Newton and/or Blaine Gabbert may be around at pick ten.  Neither excites me though and I’d like for them to avoid going this route.  With the possibility of another terrible season next fall, why not wait and maybe get the number one pick in 2012 and draft Andrew Luck.  Am I advocating an 0-16 record?  You betcha.

In the meantime, some stop-gap options in free agency could include: Matt Hasselbeck, Matt Leinart, Alex Smith, and a wanting out of Cincinnati Carson Palmer.  Don’t those names sound exciting?

RB- With yesterday’s release of Clinton Portis, it leaves a wide-open Redskins backfield.  Portis gave the Skins some great years, but it was time to move now that injuries and age have obviously caught up to him.  Ryan Torain showed flashes during last season and looks to be the Starter going into camp.  Since he is also an injury risk, the Skins will need to address the depth at this position.  Look for them to address this via free agency.  Keiland Williams is an adequate backup, but not someone to rely on.  At Fullback, Mike Sellars is getting up there in age and is not the player he once was, but they can certainly survive another year with him.  A young bruising blocker could be used here.

Free Agent Market: Ahmad Bradshaw, Cedric Benson, Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis, DeAngelo Williams, Tim Hightower, Ronnie Brown, Mike Tolbert, Pierre Thomas, and Joseph Addai (who fits the past his prime RB the Skins seem to covet)

WR- Anthony Armstrong and Brandon Banks were bright spots.  Armstrong could develop into a solid number 2 receiver and hopefully Banks will recover well from his stabbing.  Santana Moss is a free agent and has expressed interest in finishing out his career with the Skins.  He had an extremely solid season last year, and while he isn’t a deep threat anymore, he has improved his route running.  If the Skins can sign him for a decent price, I’m all for bringing him back.

Depth is a huge concern.  (see a pattern here).  There are some playmakers in the draft who could be available at 10, but hopefully they won’t make a flashy pick for a WR here.  Some potential free agents: Sidney Rice, Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards, Malcolm Floyd, Steve Smith (NYG) , Terrell Owens (NO!!), and Randy Moss (dear god NO!!).

TE- Chris Cooley and Fred Davis.  Only position on the team with no concern for depth.  A solid blocking TE should be brought in for cheap.  Next.

OL- The only sure thing is Trent Williams right now.  There is a need for upgrade at every other spot.  Kory Lichtensteiger and Will Montgomery can both play different spots on the line and can provide some depth.  Jammal Brown is too much of an injury risk to rely on.   It was time to move on from Casey Rabach a couple of seasons ago.  The guy simply gets man-handled too often.  This needs to be addressed in the draft.  And in next years draft.  And the next one.  You get the picture.  Build the trenches.  Would prefer to do this through the draft, but some depth can be addressed in free agency.

Free Agents-Tyson Clabo, Doug Free, Jared Gaither, Willie Colon

Tomorrow: A not so shocking appraisal of Albert Haynesworth and the needs on Defense.  Also a look at Special Teams and the Redskins Coaching Staff.

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3 Responses to 2011 Redskins Offseason Guide: Part II-Offense

  1. Ross says:

    To be honest, there is actually some decent young talent at WR and RB out there in FA. Ahmad Bradshaw would be a fantastic signing and a very good complement to Torain. His only real problem is his Tiki-like inability to hold onto the ball. You fix that and you’ve got yourself a heck of a back. DeAngelo Williams is a good back in the same mold, but I expect him to cost more. I’d be careful on some of the other backs. They are mostly bruisers or older guys. Those types of backs will need excellent blocking in front of them which is something the Skins don’t have. I see those other guys struggling to get 4 YPC behind this line.

    At receiver, Sidney Rice, Steve Smith and Malcolm Floyd would all be huge upgrades. Rice had an excellent season in 2009 and then lost most of 2010 to hip surgery. He’s not a game breaker, but he’s a big, physical receiver who can go up and get the jump ball (something the Skins haven’t had in a while). Depending on how he’s recovered from surgery, he would be a good sign. Floyd is a very similar player, though he lacks the pedigree and injury history of Rice. Steve Smith is an excellent route runner and he’s great on third down. However he also had knee surgery late in the year, so it will be tough to guage his health at this point.

    Nothing at QB or on the line looks very enticing. I expect Free to be brought back by the Cowboys. Colon is a solid player, but do they really sink more money another RT? Especially one who just missed all of 2010?

  2. Rv Recruits says:

    Your blog keeps going on and on about sports and issues, but when are you gonna talk about the real issues. When are you gonna talk about MCSL swimming and the constant illegal recruiting that Rockville does. I have heard rumors that the FBI is investigating them. Maybe you can check that out and write about it.

  3. kevinjfisher says:

    brilliant. I’ll make a separate blog dedicated to that topic. Though the amount of visitors to that one may crash the internet.

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