Weekly Recommendations: 3/4/11

TV: The Wire.  It’s amazing that I’ve gone this long on the blog without mentioning The Wire.  So let’s make this clear.  This is the best television show in history.  And it’s not even remotely close.  Yet, so many have still not seen it.  I won’t even get into the story at all.  For those with the patience, this is the most rewarding television experience you will ever have.  Don’t give up on it early if you are overwhelmed by the characters, it will all click.  In fact, it has more speaking parts than any show in history.  And unlike the writers of Lost, who couldn’t pull off their complex storylines in the end, The Wire succeeds.  WATCH IT NOW!  And if you’ve already seen it, watch again, because it only gets better on re-watch.

Books: On Wings of Eagles by Ken Follett

With all the revolutionary action going on in the Middle East, this book will definitely have some parallels.  It takes place just before the Revolution in Iran in 1979.  Based on a true story, it is the tale of two of Ross Perot’s employees who were working in Iran and how they were thrown into jail without any real charges.  When all legal and diplomatic channels fail to get the two men out of jail, Perot takes matters into his own hands.  He hires an old Army Colonel to help organize a jail break escape.  Buy it here:


Band: Murder By Death

We’ll have some guest music opinions coming in the next week, but for now try out this band called Murder By Death from Indiana.  Anyone who is a fan of Johnny Cash will probably enjoy the vocals.

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