Bracketology 2.0

We are less than a week out from Selection Sunday.  Here are the latest bracket projections.  A couple teams have already punched their ticket by winning their Conference Tourney’s over the weekend:

Indiana St.-MVC

Morehead St.-OVC

UNC-Asheville-Big South

Belmont-Atlantic Sun

The Top Overall seed is Ohio State.


1. Ohio St vs. 16. Middle Tennessee/Bethune-Cookman

8. Villanova vs. 9. Texas A&M

5. Utah State vs. 12. Butler

4. West Virginia vs. 13. Belmont

6. Vanderbilt vs. 11. Michigan

3. Syracuse vs. 14. Long Beach State

7. Temple vs. 10. Washington

2. UNC vs. 15. Long Island


1. Notre Dame vs. 16. UNC-Asheville

8. Missouri vs. 9. Florida State

5. UCONN vs. 12. Alabama/Colorado

4. Kentucky vs. 13 Oakland

6. St. John’s vs. 11. Michigan State

3. Texas vs. 14. Bucknell

7. George Mason vs. 10. Tennessee

2. Brigham Young vs. 15. St. Peter’s


1. Kansas vs. 16. McNeese State/Texas Southern

8. Illinois vs. 9. St. Mary’s

5. Arizona vs. 12. Memphis

4. Louisville vs. 13. Harvard

6. Xavier vs. 11. Georgia

3. San Diego State vs. 14. Morehead State

7. Georgetown vs. 10. Richmond

2. Duke vs. 15. Kent State


1. Pitt vs. 16. Boston U

8. UCLA vs. 9. Old Dominion

5. Kansas State vs. 12. Gonzaga/USC

4. Wisconsin vs. 13. College of Charleston

6. Cincinnati vs. 11. Clemson

3. Purdue vs. 14. Indiana State

7. UNLV vs. 10. UAB

2. Florida vs. 15. Northern Colorado


Gonzaga, Alabama, Colorado, USC


Marquette, Nebraska, Virginia Tech, Washington State

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2 Responses to Bracketology 2.0

  1. Ross says:

    Hard for me to buy Utah State as a 5 over teams like Vandy and St. John’s when they’ve played a cupcake schedule and have exactly ZERO signature wins.

  2. kevinjfisher says:

    it was hard for me to put them there, but their Kenpom and RPI numbers are really good. Hopefully they’ll bring Wild Bill with them for the tourney games.

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