Overrated/Underrated: Pro Wrestling Edition

It’s sad to say, but like most boys growing up, I went through a stage where I was utterly infatuated with Pro Wrestling.  Monday nights were great: the World Wrestling Federation’s (WWF) Monday Night Raw and World Championship Wrestling’s (WCW) Monday Nitro were both big hits and regulars on my viewing schedule.  I eventually learned it was fake.  I didn’t care.  My parents didn’t like that I watched it.  I didn’t care.  For some reason I found it very entertaining.  Anyways, I thought it would make for a great topic for an “overrated/underrated” discussion.  I have a feeling we are going to have very differing opinions on this one, so sound off in the comments if you think I’m full of you know what.

Overrated: Hulk Hogan

I know 80% of you are already calling shenanigans on this one, but hear me out.  I just never got on the Hulk bandwagon.  I mean the guy knew how to play to the crowd, I’ll give him that, but I had two big problems with him as a wrestler:

  1. His actual in-ring wrestling was terribly simplistic.  I mean simple moves like the “body slam”, “clothesline” and “leg drop” became finishing maneuvers for him when they were somehow just basic moves for other wrestlers.  It didn’t make sense and for a kid who thought about these things way too much, it really bothered me.
  2. Even his personality and microphone prowess, which was praised, annoyed me.  He played to the masses with terms like “Real American Hero” and “Hulkamania”.  He wasn’t terribly smart or terribly entertaining to me.  To his credit, the mass audience he was playing to, the toothless rednecks who actually thought this crap was real, ate this stuff up.  So maybe I was just a little too smart for his act.

I actually liked him the best when he went to WCW and played the “bad guy” as the leader of the NWO (New World Order).  At least then he had a kick-ass entrance, coming out to Jimmy Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child”.

Bottom line: if you were a Nascar-watching, toothless idiot who closely resembled Cletus from The Simpsons, I see why you liked the guy.  But for anyone with half a brain, you could certainly have done better.

Conclusion: Overrated!

Underrated: Sting

This guy is arguably the most famous wrestler to never wrestle in the incredibly popular WWF/WWE.  He spent the majority of his career with the less prominent WCW.  He started his career as a vibrant youngster, sporting colorful face paint and tights with a blonde flat top.  He feuded regularly with the infamous Rick Flair and his crew, The Four Horsemen.

Then, in the late 90’s, Sting started to change.  This change directly coincided with him being betrayed by Hulk Hogan, as Hogan turned on the WCW and formed the NWO with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.  He took on an appearance that closely resembled The Crow, as seen above.  He started wearing a black trench coat, wearing black and white face paint, and wielding a baseball bat.  He lurked around the rafters during WCW events and repeatedly assaulted NWO members.  Basically, he was the man.  He was a one-man wrecking crew who came to the aid of any WCW wrestlers that got jumped by the NWO.  How could you not love this guy?

He had sweet moves like the “Scorpion Death Drop” and the “Scorpion Death Lock”.  I mean seriously, the latter probably could have actually broken a guys back.  He occasionally repelled down from the rafters to make a dramatic entrance and beat the living hell out of guys with his bat.

The fact that he never wrestled for the more popular WWF/WWE franchise definitely hurt his overall popularity, but in the lexicon of pro wrestling, the guy is one of the great performers of all-time.

Conclusion: Underrated!

Great cameo by Dennis Rodman as well.

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One Response to Overrated/Underrated: Pro Wrestling Edition

  1. kevinjfisher says:

    I love Hulk Hogan and never got into Sting or WCW. Hogan’s mic skills made up for his lack of polish in the ring. Hogan’s Wrestlemania matches versus Andre the Giant, Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior, and Slaughter were epic.

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