What’s on Tap: Week of March 7th

Busy week in College Hoops and Plenty of NFL news upcoming.  Here’s what I have in store for this week.

-Bracketology 2.0

-Conference Tourney Previews

-Redskins Offseason Guide Part III

-Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants

-Overrated/Underrated: Movies

-NFL labor negotiations and more.

I believe Ross will have the following for you all:

-Top 5 Julia Roberts movies

-Women’s NIT preview

-Plan for World Peace Part I

-NBA 2011, A return to glory

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One Response to What’s on Tap: Week of March 7th

  1. Ross says:

    Little hint for the Julia Roberts list: don’t expect to see Ocean’s Eleven on there. Way too much Brad Pitt and not nearly enough Julia.

    Haha, but seriously, I’ve got some good stuff coming this week:

    -Last MLB Divisional Preview (AL West)
    -NCAA Basketball Coaches on the Hot Seat
    -Another chapter in our “When the NBA Didn’t Suck” series
    -Underrated/Overrated Sports Movies
    -“Man Tames Food”
    -Some other stuff I can’t remember right now or haven’t thought of yet

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