Man Tames Food: Man Burgers

I’m not sure if I want to, or even can, make this a continuing series, but I’m going to throw it out there and see where it goes.  The title is a spin-off of the TV series Man vs. Food.  Here I’ll be teaching you how to tame food in the kitchen; basically, manly recipes.  Boom goes the dynamite!  The first one I have for you, my former roommates and I nicknamed “Man Burgers”.  However, the original name, as coined by the natives of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the “Juicy Lucy”.  Basically, it’s a cheese filled cheeseburger.  Enjoy!


Ground beef (a little less than a pound per burger)
Cheese (2-3 slices per burger, I recommend cheddar or American, anything basic)
Burger buns (the bigger the better)
Diced onion (optional)


1.  If you like onions mixed into your burger, dice the onions and mix into ground beef.  If not, skip this step.

2.  Form ground beef into patties.  Should be between ¼ pound and ½ pound each.  Err on the side of larger rather than smaller.  This might take some experimenting. 

3.  Take a slice of cheese and fold it into quarters.  Do this with another slice of cheese and stack them on top of each other. 

4.  Place the cheese on top of one of the burger patties and then place another burger patty on top of it.  Mold the burger patties together, encasing the cheese inside.  Do this for the remainder of the burgers.

5.  Place burgers on grill.  Cook on high heat for about 1-2 minutes on each side.  This will lock in the juices and cook the outside shut.  Continue cooking on low heat to cook through.  Remember, the sides of the burger patties that are on the inside will not be getting direct heat from the flame, so they will need a good amount of time to cook. 

6.  Check burgers with a meat thermometer to be sure they are done in the center.  Temperature should be about 160° for medium (a bit hotter for medium-well, a bit cooler for medium rare).  Make sure you are not inserting the thermometer too far or you will get the temperature of the cheese which will be very hot. 

7.  Add an extra piece of cheese on top if you so desire (if you don’t, this may be another sign that this blog is not the place for you).

 8.  Enjoy!  Be careful to let the cheese in the center cool as it will be very hot!

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One Response to Man Tames Food: Man Burgers

  1. Bill says:

    Sounds delicious, but you forgot one thing. Take 40 grms of Lipitor before moving on to your next meal.

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