Tiger Drops Lion in One Punch!

Check out this story from BBC.


If there were any fools still on Team Lion in the “Lion versus Tiger” debate, this should settle it.

Look, Lions are ferocious animals in their own right, but they have been glamorized by Animal Planet, Nat Geo Wild, and The Lion King.  Lions may be called “King of the Jungle”, but in reality it is King of the Jungles in Africa only.  Science has proven that Lions avoid Asia due to their rational fear of Tigers and irrational fear of Indian food.

Will eat Zebra guts, but not Curry?

Meanwhile, Tigers still get slept on.  If you haven’t read about Tatiana the Tiger from the San Fransisco Zoo, you gotta read this story.


In short, there were some guys taunting a tiger in the San Francisco zoo.  They left and then the tiger escaped and found them in the zoo.  You can guess what happened next.  It was like the real life equivalent of those “Messing With Sasquatch” commercials.


Not a fair fight.

So, today is just another example of how Tigers are……….wait, what’s that?  A new contender has arrived?…………


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