Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants: 1-5

Hopefully, the first half of this list motivated you to visit some of your favorite fast food chains.  Here are our top five picks for those who would like to clog your arteries a little more.  Once again, the reasons for each are better represented through pictures rather than words.

5. McDonalds

Highest Calorie Item on Menu:

Chocolate Triple Thick Shake(32 fl oz cup)=1160

4. Sonic

Highest Calorie Item on Menu:

Supersonic Cheeseburger with Mayo=1270

3. Five Guys

Highest Calorie Item on Menu:

Large Fries=1464

2. Popeyes

Highest Calorie Item on Menu:

Deluxe Mild Sandwich=600 (note Popeyes doesn’t even list the calorie counts for its meals)

1. Chipotle

Highest Calorie Item on Menu:

Average Burrito is 1000 Plus

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4 Responses to Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants: 1-5

  1. Joe says:

    Erroneous! Unacceptable rankings across the board. First, Chipotle and 5 guys aren’t fast food, but rather “Casual Fast.” Second, McDonalds? Nothing exciting about that place. Sonic is totally overrated in my book although I know some people love it. I’m ok with Popeyes, but any fast food rankings that doesn’t include Bojangles is without credibility.
    Sports Guys – after many worthwhile posts from you, I am forced to take a stand contrary to your opinions expressed here. This is hill worth dying on.

  2. Ross says:

    I’ll agree that anything without a drive-through shouldn’t be considered “fast food”. I, and I’m sure Mr. Houchin as well, am startled by the lack of Bojangles. Take my previous post about In-N-Out and apply that to the south and Bojangles.

    Side note: Houchin sounds like he may need a guest rant. Possibly one where he gets to hand out a “B*tch of the week” award like he did back in the day.

  3. Joe says:

    I always enjoy a chance to publicize my opinions (misguided as they may be). However, I’ll let the blog continue to develop and play the role of loyal reader and commenter. If a decent idea worthy of publication comes along, I’ll submit it for approval. Until then, continue to entertain me!

  4. Chipotle is delcious but Arby’s has to make the cut right? I’m not big on Sonic either. Chick’Fil’A is wonderful. But FIVE GUYS is by farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the best fast food place.

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