Overrated/Underrated: Movies

Overrated: Boondock Saints

I remember seeing Boondock Saints for the first time with some friends back in high school.  None of us had ever heard of it before.  It was a decent movie and I liked a couple scenes, but never really thought of it after that.  Fast forward to a couple years later, somehow the film had become all the rage.  Every time someone wanted to have a movie night, the first movie suggested was Boondock Saints.  So, I watched it again.

Again, I came to the same conclusion.  It’s alright.  But why does everyone think this film is a masterpiece?  Even my dog Cooley talks about how awesome this movie is, but I suspect that he only likes it because of the cat getting shot.  And besides, I’m not going to take the opinions of someone who’s favorite film is Air Bud seriously.

Take away the overrated slow-mo shootout, the cat shooting, and the old man with tourette’s, and you don’t have much.  The story is completely lacking.  I love a good vigilante justice movie, but it doesn’t quite work with characters as unlikable as these two men.   Am I supposed to like them because they have ridiculous Irish accents and recite a little prayer before they kill someone?  How about letting the American justice system do its job?


Underrated: In the Name of the Father

I can’t get through many movie conversations without hearing about Boondock Saints, yet when I bring this movie up, the typical response is, “I’ve never heard of it.”  And this is an absolute tragedy.  It makes me sad that a generation idolizes a Pulp Fiction wannabe like Boondock Saints and completely misses this gem of a film.

You want a reason to see this movie?  Daniel Day-Lewis.  I shouldn’t really have to say anything else.  But I will anyways.   For all his great performances, this just might be his best.  I realize those are bold words, but it is true.  The late Pete Postlethwaite and Emma Thompson give terrific performances as well.

Based on a true story, In the Name of the Father is about Irish citizens who are falsely accused of bombing an English pub.  It is the tale of a father and his strained relationship with his son and how their prison sentence brings them together.  I can’t stress enough how good the acting is.  Authentic Belfast accents this time, not ridiculous South Boston wannabe Irish ones.

Please watch this film.  If you have Netflix, put it at the top of your queue.


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2 Responses to Overrated/Underrated: Movies

  1. Tom says:

    how dare you speak ill of airbud

  2. Ross says:

    Yeah, to be fair it was probably the best basketball movie starring a dog of all-time.

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