When the NBA Didn’t Suck: Sir Charles vs. the Warriors

Ah!  You thought I forgot about this series didn’t you!  Well it’s impossible to not reminisce about the good old days of the NBA when we have those poor Miami Heat players crying in the locker room after a recent loss.  Somebody get me and LeBron a box of tissues, we’re tearing up just talking about it.

Anyways, this clip is a shout-out to my buddy Spencer, a huge Suns fan.  The video shows one of the greats of the 90’s, “Sir” Charles Barkley, taking on the Golden State Warriors, basically singlehandedly, in Game 3 of the 1994 NBA Playoffs.  It’s a shame, but because of his boisterous personality and his failure to ever win an NBA Championship, most people quickly forget that Barkley was one of the greatest players of his era.

The Suns had lost in the finals the previous year, Charles’ first in Phoenix, and stumbled a bit through the ’93-’94 season to a 56-26 record and the #3 seed in the Western Conference.  They drew a very underrated Latrell Sprewell, a young Chris Webber and the Golden State Warriors in the first round.  The Suns won the first two games of the series, both nail-biters, and headed for Game 3 in Golden State.  The “Round Mound of Rebound”, as Barkley was also known, came out firing, scoring 27 points in the first quarter and putting a stake in the collective hearts of the Warriors.  The Warriors actually managed to keep the game close throughout as both teams scored at an incredible rate.  What made this broadcast especially entertaining was the repeated shots of Warriors’ Head Coach Don Nelson.  Nelson stubbornly refused to double Barkley and was shown multiple times in total disbelief on the sideline.  The Suns swept the series and moved on to the next round.  Enjoy and remember, there’s still hope for the NBA!

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