Bubble Watch and Other Conference Tourney Notes

Here is the updated list of teams who have punched their ticket to the dance  by winning their conference tourney’s:  Gonzaga, Oakland, Arkansas-Little Rock, Wofford, Morehead State, Indiana State, St. Peter’s, Butler, Old Dominion, UNC-Asheville, Belmont, Colorado State,  and Long Island.

Some teams who were on the bubble, who played themselves in:

Michigan State, Colorado, Georgia, and Marquette

Teams who are right on the bubble and should be sweating it out on Sunday:

UAB, Clemson, Boston College, Virginia Tech, Penn State, USC, Alabama, Washington State, UTEP, Richmond, St. Mary’s

Teams whose bubbles have burst:

Nebraska, Colorado State, Missouri State, Southern Miss

-Pitt may have played themselves out of a number one seed today with their loss to Connecticut.  Notre Dame looks primed to take a number one seed with their destruction of Cincinnati.

-With Pitt losing, the door opens up for Duke or North Carolina to grab a number one seed.  If either win the ACC tourney, then that team could get a one seed.

-Villanova, Georgetown, and Missouri are continuing to free fall.  Villanova is lucky the committee looks at the entire resume and not only the last month.

-I hate the Big East and their two week long tourney, but their games in Madison Square Garden are far superior to any other conference.

-Make sure to check back in on Selection Sunday, as I’ll have my final Bracketology up before the brackets are announced.  My goal is to be more accurate than Joe Lunardi.

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One Response to Bubble Watch and Other Conference Tourney Notes

  1. Ross says:

    I don’t think Carolina winning the ACC tournament will be enough for a #1 if someone knocks off dook before the Championship game. With that said, I won’t shed a tear if the Terps knock them off today.

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