Weekly Recommendations: 3/11

Documentary: The King of Kong

This movie is a story about two men who are competing for the all-time record in Donkey Kong.  I know this doesn’t sound like the most exciting story in the world, but trust me, you couldn’t write many movies like this if you tried.  The bizarre world and characters of the video game world make this completely worthwhile.  Billy Mitchell might be one of the best villains in history.  Check it out on Netflix.


Movie Reviews: I often rely on Rotten Tomatoes to let me know which movies I need to see.  But if there is one reviewer I would have to recommend, it would be James Berardinelli from Reel Views.  Roger Ebert is completely overrated and gives out far too many four star reviews.  Check James out instead:


TV Show:  Freaks and Geeks

Last night, I tried watching the show Friday Night Lights.  It was decent, but as I watched, I realized how much Freaks and Geeks spoiled me.  No show in history has portrayed teenage high school life better than Freaks and Geeks.  The characters are real and you will no doubt relate to many of the characters and situations in the show.  This Judd Apatow creation was the launching point for many careers, including James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Jason Segel.  As great as they are, Martin Starr is the scene stealer as Bill Haverchuck.  It is criminal that it only lasted one season, but that may have been for the best for this nearly perfect show.

Check it out:


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One Response to Weekly Recommendations: 3/11

  1. Tad Ogren says:

    great show, and great movie. I doubted you a couple years ago when you said we were gonna watch a documentary focusing on the arcade game, donkey kong, but i’m glad i watched it. screw billy mitchell

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