Initial Bracket Thoughts

We’ll get into in-depth breakdowns of each region in the coming days, but here are some quick thoughts from the selection show.

-UAB and VCU getting in is an absolute travesty.  Apparently, VCU didn’t even have a viewing party for its team.  As funny as it is that Seth Greenberg and company are going to another NIT, they really did get hosed, along with Colorado.  Colorado beat Texas, Missouri, and Kansas State multiple times.  Virginia Tech beat Duke.  On the flip side, UAB beat… no one.  They played Duke and got blown out.  VCU got 4th in the CAA!  They lost 6 (six!) games in a conference that is not in the same galaxy of difficulty as the Big XII.

-For casual March Madness fans, if you want top notch analysis, read and listen to everything Jay Bilas has to say.  There is no one better analyzing College Basketball.  He was on fire tonight tearing the Committee apart.  In fact, stick to ESPN over CBS.  The whole ESPN crew tonight was outstanding.  Even Dick Vitale was good.

-What are Barkley and Kenny Smith doing?  They clearly didn’t know what they were talking about.  And I think both are really good on the NBA.  Don’t know why CBS is bringing them in for the tourney.

-Some crazy seedings from the committee.  Florida at 2 and Georgia at 10 were way too high.  Alabama beat Georgia twice and gets left out and Georgia gets a 10?  Kentucky at 4 and Utah State at 12 were way too low.  Kentucky blew out Florida today and won the last two between them, and Florida gets the 2?  Utah State played a very weak schedule, but a 12 is still way too low for them.

-For my George Mason bandwagon readers:  Not the worst matchup in the world.  If you can beat a Villanova team that has been fading lately, get ready for Ohio State.  If Villanova can somehow regroup and play to their potential, they will run Mason out of the building.  Ohio State is the deserving number one overall seed, but they won a ton of close games this year.  They can be beat.

-Final Standings in my Bracketology duel with Joe Lunardi:  We both picked 65/68 teams correctly.  To break the tie, Lunardi guessed 32/68 of the seeds correctly.  Unfortunately, he will be fired from ESPN and I will be the newly employed ESPN Bracketologist, with 39/68 seeds correctly guessed.

-But who will win the bracket challenge between the DC Sports Dudes?

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