Bracket Thoughts and Dan Snyder

-How bad was UAB last night?  I’m glad committee chairman Gene Smith was there to see that embarrassing pick in action.  The Colorado and Virginia Tech players had to be steaming watching that.

-Speaking of bad ideas from the NCAA, when are they going to get rid of these ridiculous play-in games?  The NCAA can call it “first round” games all they want, but the real first round begins Thursday.  As bad as the idea is, I don’t have too much sympathy for the at-large teams that have to go to Dayton.  But to make teams who win their conference tourneys and experience the rare joy of making the NCAA Tournament, and then send them to Dayton, is a joke.  Major conference teams often get chances all the time to be in the big dance, but for some of these mid-major schools, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Let them experience the tournament for real.

-Two more undeserving teams have a play-in game tonight. USC vs. VCU.  How terrible is it that the NCAA scheduled Clemson’s next game for the first session on Thursday.  Not only do they make them go to Dayton, but now they have to make a quick turnaround while traveling to another city and comply with NCAA media requests.

-It all begins tomorrow.  Here are the games I am most looking forward to.

Princeton vs Kentucky 2:45 CBS

Richmond vs Vanderbilt 4:10 TBS

Wofford vs BYU 7:15 CBS

Belmont vs Wisconsin 7:25 Tru TV

Gonzaga vs St. John’s 9:45 CBS

Utah State vs Kansas State 10:00 CBS

-Dan Snyder must have the worst PR guy in history.  Check out this story from ESPN

I want to see the Redskins win the Super Bowl again one day, but I really don’t  want it to happen under Snyder’s regime.  I’m conflicted.

-Finally if you haven’t done so already, join our DC Sports Dudes Bracket.  Winner get’s a free meal and bragging rights.

Group ID: 73763


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One Response to Bracket Thoughts and Dan Snyder

  1. Ross says:

    I hope you (and everyone else) got to listen to Mike and Mike in the morning today. Jay Bilas was sitting in for Golic and there was some great stuff on College Basketball, and more specifically, the NCAA Tournament. Bilas didn’t dance around the topics like most analysts would. He declared that they should definitely go back to 64 teams and that the age rule for the NBA should be amended. Check out the podcast (link below) if you missed it. It’s sad to say because he was a dookie, but Bilas is spot on almost ALL the time.

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