Enough With the Big East

I won’t even get into the fact that the Big East is barely a conference with its ridiculous sixteen teams.  Let’s not get into that, but instead talk about how amazing the Big East was supposed to be with it’s record setting 11 teams in this year’s dance.  How did they fare?

Notre Dame-Lost by double digits in the 2nd round to a 1oth seeded Florida State team who played the majority of the game without its best player

Louisville-Lost first round to 13th seeded Morehead State

Georgetown-Embarrassing blowout loss to a play-in VCU team.

St. John’s-First round loss to an 11th seeded Gonzaga team which got blown out in the 2nd round.

Pitt-Lost to 8th seeded Butler for another NCAA disappointment.

Villanova-Lost first round to 8th seeded George Mason in first round.  Had a 6 point lead with two minutes to go.

West Virginia-2nd round loss to Kentucky

Cincinnati-2nd Round loss to UCONN

Syracuse-2nd round loss to 11th seeded Marquette.

Only Marquette and UCONN remain and both those teams advanced by beating other Big East teams.  Of the teams which lost, five lost to higher seeded teams.  We heard all year how great the conference was, but on the big stage, they have choked once again.  It doesn’t matter what happened in the regular season, in crunch time, the conference failed.

The same thing happened last year.  When will the sports media finally call them out?  The Super-conference is now 9-9 in this year’s tourney.  The ACC, who was mocked all year as being weak and only awarded four bids, has more Sweet Sixteen teams.  The ACC’s record so far: 7-1.  Not to mention the five national titles in the last decade.

Quite the opening weekend.

TCU is coming!  Help is on the way!

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