Simpsons Character Bracket: Second Round Part 1

31 characters have advanced to the second round.  One more matchup is tied between Brockman and Gil.  Vote here if you haven’t done so already to break the tie.

EDIT:  Brockman has won.  In typical Gil fashion, he could not close the deal.

There will be two parts to the second round.  The second part will be posted later tonight.  Voting for the second round concludes at midnight on Tuesday.  Wednesday will be the Sweet Sixteen and Thursday will be the Elite Eight.

On to the Second Round.

Troy McClure vs Lionel Hutz

Dr. Julius Hibbert vs Ned Flanders

Bart Simpson vs Superintendent Chalmers

Lenny vs Homer Simpson

Milhouse Van Houten vs Dr. Nick Riviera

Waylon Smithers vs Comic Book Guy

Hank Scorpio vs Groundskeeper Willie

Rainier Wolfcastle vs Ralph Wiggum

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