What’s on Tap this Week?

 Head Coach Jim Larranaga And Paris Bennett #1 Of The George Mason Patriots Walk Off The Court

To our fantastically loyal readers:

Kevin and I wholeheartedly apologize for the lack of content these past few days.  However, when it comes to the NCAA Tournament, we are fans first and analysts second.  Being that we were also at the games Thursday and Saturday made things doubly difficult.  Don’t worry though, we have plenty of fresh new stuff coming for you this week.

So what do we have coming up?  Here’s what I’ve got:

-Beer of the Week
-More NCAA “Coaches on the Hot Seat” posts
-Thoughts on last weekend’s NCAA Tournament games as well as next weekend’s games
-Another installment in the “When the NBA Didn’t Suck” series
-An ode to the changing of the seasons (with a strong sports influence)
-Some other stuff I haven’t thought of yet

I also had a piece coming on the Big (L)East, but Kevin beat me to it.  So stay tuned guys, there’s plenty of solid articles on the way!

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