Quick Thoughts On Last Night’s Games

-Derrick Williams, Holy Cow!!  If there were any doubts as to who the best player in the tourney was before last night, Derrick Williams erased them.  Williams highlight reel dunks and touch from beyond the arc solidified him as the likely number one pick in this year’s NBA draft.

-I’m still shocked at that second half explosion by Arizona.  At halftime I thought Duke was in control with a six point lead.  The whole second half was eerily similar to the game Duke played against St. John’s earlier in the year.  It’s not very often that you see a Duke team with a deer in the headlights look that happened in the second half.  A team that is usually so stellar defensively had no answer last night.

-Nolan Smith looked completely out of it last night and Kyle Singler struggled playing with foul trouble.  Not what you would expect out of those seniors.

-Speaking of Seniors, I also thought Jimmer Fredette had one of his worst games last night as well.  Yes, he scored a ton of points, but he relied too much on his jump shot when he was having success going to the hole.  Outside of that one ridiculous long range shot he hit, I’ve never seen him miss that many jumpers.

-Butler just made its second consecutive Elite Eight.  Think about that.  Can’t find too many coaches who are better than Brad Stevens right now.  Outside of a small lapse at the end, they made Wisconsin look like the low scoring team we all know.  Butler versus Florida should be a great game.

-Kemba Walker.  Not much else to say.  A complete difference maker.  Though it’s about time Jeremy Lamb gets some credit for his outstanding play all tournament.  He hit some clutch shots last night.  With BYU and San Diego State going down, it was a tough night for the Mountain West.

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One Response to Quick Thoughts On Last Night’s Games

  1. Ross says:

    Did I mention Derrick Williams was insane? Yes, I think I did.

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