Weekly Recommendations: 3/25/11

TV: Fawlty Towers

He’s From Barcelona

For fans of John Cleese, Monty Python, and British comedy, check out Fawlty Towers.  This show is pretty much comic perfection.  Even if you are not a fan of British humor, you will like this show.  If you can’t laugh at Manuel, you have no soul.  The entire series is only twelve episodes and it is streaming on Netflix instant.  Check it out.


Music: Frank Turner

Keeping with the British theme, check out Frank Turner.  One of my favorite singers from England.


Book: The Perfect Mile

Might as well go with an all British theme this week.  This is a great book on Roger Bannister and his quest to break the four minute mile.  The book covers Bannister’s and his competitors quest to be the first one to break the once thought impossible barrier.  A great sports book.


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