VCU Did Not Deserve To Be In The Tournament

Jay Bilas has come under fire for his strong opinions regarding VCU after the selection show.  Now that VCU has made the Final Four, people are quick to point out how wrong Jay Bilas was.  VCU deserves all the credit in the world for their run.  In fact, I think it’s even more impressive than George Mason’s run in 2006.  It is an amazing feat to beat teams from five different power conferences.  Despite all of this, it doesn’t change the fact that Jay Bilas was right.  VCU did not deserve to be in the tournament.

In retrospect, it is easy to point out that Bilas was wrong.  “Hey Jay Bilas, they just made the Final Four, what do you think of them now?”  He should still think the same.  You can’t simply look at the results and say the selection committee made the correct choice.  If I was playing blackjack and decided to hit on 20, and then I got an Ace on the next card to get 21, would that have been the correct decision?  No, I made an idiotic move and got lucky with the results.  The same thing happened with Gene Smith and the committee.  They selected a team that did not have the credentials to be in and got lucky that VCU caught fire at the right time.

Like I said, it is easy to criticize Bilas now that we have seen the results.  But, let’s go back to selection Sunday when he made his comments.  How can anyone say he was wrong?  A team with six losses in the CAA and no signature wins did not deserve to be selected.  There were multiple other teams with better resume’s.  In fact, as we all know, even VCU didn’t think they were going to be in, as they didn’t even watch the selection show as a team.

Kudos to VCU, they deserve to be where they are right now, but those who criticize people like Bilas and Dick Vitale are way off base.

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6 Responses to VCU Did Not Deserve To Be In The Tournament

  1. Ross says:

    People don’t understand that winning games in the tournament in no way validates their selection in the first place. Selection is based on a team’s resume at the time of Selection Sunday, so winning games after the fact does nothing to strengthen that resume.

    And for the record, some of the players were at Five Guys when their seed was announced. What better way to celebrate?

  2. bma83 says:

    You’re speaking from both sides of your mouth. On one side you’re saying, “VCU did not deserve to be in the tournament.” And on the other side you say, “…they deserve to be where they are right now.” If you really don’t think they should be in the tournament then you shouldn’t think they deserve to be where they are right now.

    • Ross says:

      I think you’re somewhat missing the point. The point is that VCU winning games in the tournament does not in any way justify their selection by the committee. Selection is based on your resume on Selection Sunday and winning games after that in no way enhances your resume. The fact is VCU’s resume was not as strong as other teams like Virginia Tech, and therefore they should no have been chosen.

      Now, should they feel the need to excuse themselves for making it to the Final Four? Absolutely not. All they did was win the games they were asked to play. This is a shot at the Committee and the fans claiming that guys like Bilas need to “eat some crow”, not at VCU themselves.

    • kevinjfisher says:

      -they deserve to be in the Final Four based on their “tournament” performance
      -they didn’t deserve to be in the tourney based on their “regular season” performance

      I can see why you would think this is speaking out of both sides of my mouth, but these are two separate arguments.

  3. Joe Houchin says:

    You missed a very important point: Digger Phelps is a douche.

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