National Championship Game Preview: Good Versus Evil

Many will disagree, but I think tonight is an awesome Championship matchup.  Everything that is right about college basketball is playing everything that is wrong about college basketball.  Let’s compare the two programs.

-Last year when Butler shocked everyone by making the title game in their hometown of Indianapolis, their players did something unexpected on the day of the title game:  They went to class.

-UCONN was caught furnishing potential recruit Nate Miles with lodging, transportation, restaurant meals, and representation by a former UConn student manager.  Not to mention the illegal contact via telephone calls and text messages.

-Butler Forward Matt Howard was named Academic All-American of the year.  A finance major with a 3.77 GPA who is working towards a double major.

-Former UCONN guard was caught stealing laptops from dorms as a player and selling them.  And wasn’t punished.

-Butler Coach Brad Stevens is a finalist for Clair Bee award, which recognizes coaches for, “coach’s ability to inspire, motivate, coach, and educate his team to achieve its fullest potential while insisting upon and demonstrating outstanding character and academic success.”

-UCONN coach Jim Calhoun is an *******

-Brad Stevens is awesome

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