Thoughts on Last Night’s Game…..

-There’s not a whole lot else to add.  Last night was terrible.  The game of basketball was set back like 50 years.

-I still think anyone who prefers the NBA is insane, but if I got in a argument with an NBA supporter, I would have no comeback if they brought up this game.

-Auburn and UConn are your current National Champions in Football and Basketball.  Think about that.  While our blood is boiling over this, the NCAA just laughs in our face.

-To make matters worse, we had to endure Jim Nantz and Clark Kellogg for another year.  Is there anyone who likes them?  Is this really the A-team for CBS?  I like Nantz on golf, but he’s out his element on basketball.  Give me the energy of Gus Johnson and the analysis of Jay Bilas.

-Last night they set another attendance record.  Yet, the football stadium setting is beyond terrible.  The fans aren’t anywhere near the court and the result is no buzz from the crowd.  The NCAA Championship should be a wild game where the crowd plays a huge factor.  In these football stadiums, it’s like they are playing in an empty gym.  Of course, the NCAA could care less as they put the money in their pockets from the 70,000 plus people who went.  If they cared about the quality, they’d hold it in a basketball venue like Madison Square Garden.

-Is there any Championship team from the last decade that Uconn could’ve beat?

-Despite the cheating program that they are, the run starting from the Big East Tourney was impressive for Uconn.  Kemba Walker shows how valuable an elite guard can be in March.

-Early favorite for next year-North Carolina.  (I just gave them the kiss of death).  NIT favorite-Maryland Terrapins!!!

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One Response to Thoughts on Last Night’s Game…..

  1. Ross says:

    1. Worst championship game I can remember. Please don’t try to paint this as a defensive masterpiece. It wasn’t. Butler, who I praised all tournament for their poise and execution had neither. UConn simply is not that talented outside of Walker and Lamb. Those projecting them as a top team next year are insane. With Walker gone they will be lucky to be top 25 and if Lamb goes too, they are sinking fast.

    2. Yes it’s a point for the NBA. But when the NBA skips the entire ’11-’12 season, that’s like 500 points for college.

    3. Wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had cheaters win the trophies and it won’t be the last.

    4. Nantz and Kellogg are awful and Kerr wasn’t much better. I know everyone rips Billy Packer and he really had his brutal moments (cough declaring UNC/Kansas “over” in the first half in ’08), but he was light years ahead of Kellogg. Bilas is the pinnacle, but there’s no way ESPN lets him wriggle away. Maybe Feinstein? Oh and the halftime crew was just as bad if not worse. These guys make Bilas and Gottlieb look like Hall of Famers.

    5. While the exodus to the pros and AAU basketball are also causes, the move to domes for the championship game has largely contributed to the poor shooting in these games. There’s simply no back drop behind the basket.

    6. No.

    7. Walker was impressive.

    8. Thanks for ensuring Carolina doesn’t win it next year Kevin.

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