Bandwagon Fans: Part 1, Girls Who Buy Jerseys

When it comes to bandwagon fans, I have countless pet peeves.  To get out all my thoughts on bandwagons fans, it would require a novel.  So, I’m going to have many, many editions of some of the things that bother me about bandwagon fans.  For this particular edition, my focus will be on Girls who buy sports jerseys.

Girls who buy a jersey just for the game:

When it comes to buying a sports jersey, most devoted male sports fans don’t just go around buying a jersey of any ordinary player.  For us, a jersey is usually bought for a player who has excelled for your team for many years.  An all-time great.  Most guys I know only have a few choice jerseys that they will wear.  And these jerseys are dedicated to players who they have had an attachment with due to years of excellent performances for their team.  Plus, jerseys are expensive.  So, we give thought when we think of buying one.

Before I start trashing all women for their ridiculous behavior at sporting events, I apologize to the .01 percent of the female population that are actually good fans.  So let’s begin.

Do you ever see a girl wearing a jersey and think to yourself, “wait does that girl even like sports?”  During football season, this happens all the time.  You see pictures of girls at tailgates and football games wearing jerseys.  For Skins fans, it’s usually a #47 Chris Cooley jersey.  (which pains me since I own such a jersey and it has been ruined by bandwagon girls).  I often get angry and laugh at the same time when I see this.  You see this girl wearing a jersey and you know this girl is not a fan, so a thought that comes to mind is, “Where’d she get that jersey?”  I thought to myself that maybe the girl just borrowed it from one of her guy friends.  Understandable.  Girl’s take social events seriously, so borrowing a guy’s jersey makes sense.  And speaking of girls treating sporting events as social events……I’ll get to that.  Upon further examination though, I’ve noticed that most of the time there is no way that the jerseys these girls are wearing came from a guy friend.  If it did, you would be able to tell because a Large or X-Large jersey would look huge on a girl.

But no, these jerseys you see them wearing fit them perfectly.  Which begs the question, “Did this girl buy that jersey just for this one time she was invited to the game?”  Would a girl go to that great length just fit in for this particular social setting?  The answer of course is yes.

Look at me, I spent 150 dollars to fit in!!

For guys, a sporting event is serious business.  We are there for the game.  All we care about is if our team wins.  Everything else is secondary.  For women, the game isn’t even secondary, it is irrelevant.  Women view live sporting events as just another opportunity to show others how much “fun” they are having and being able to pretend they are a “fan.”  They truly believe that buying a jersey actually makes them more of a fan.  That’s the problem, they have no clue what goes into being a real fan.  You can buy that all the t-shirts and Clinton Portis jerseys in the world, it doesn’t change the fact that you can’t name one interior lineman.

It’s ridiculous to even think about.  I’m not a Washington Capitals fan.  I’m just not a hockey guy.  If I was offered a ticket to a game though, I’d surely go.  I couldn’t even imagine buying an Alex Ovechkin jersey just for that game.  That would be a joke.  And that’s what these girls are who do this, complete jokes.  Do they really think that men don’t see right through this?  I think girls know that guys like a girl who enjoys sports, so buying a jersey will impress said guys.  Except, it usually has the opposite effect.  We just laugh at your phony attempts to act like a fan.

Isn’t this jersey cute!!

Pink jerseys.  Girls who wear a pink colored jersey of a team are barely above Hitler.  Being a bandwagon jersey wearing attention seeker is bad enough, but when you buy a jersey that isn’t even in the team colors, then you deserve to be banned from sporting events for life.  There should be a specific security unit at all sporting events that automatically ejects these women who wear these to games.  This isn’t a fashion statement sweetheart, it’s a freaking football game.  If you’re going to do the “pretend you’re a sportsfan” routine, at least wear your team colors.

The problem is, guys do like girls who can go and enjoy a live sporting event.  We don’t expect girls to be able to recite the roster off the top of their heads.  We don’t care if you tag along and enjoy the game.  Just as long as you aren’t obnoxious about it.  However, when you put on a jersey and can’t back it up, it is obnoxious.  And when you take pictures with your back to the game while it is going on………ok that is for a separate post.  That’s enough for now, but with Capitals playoff hockey approaching, expect some bandwagon fan rants to come.

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97 Responses to Bandwagon Fans: Part 1, Girls Who Buy Jerseys

  1. Ross says:

    Going along with the “jerseys that aren’t the teams colors” thing, I’m almost as annoyed, and probably more so on a certain level because this is usually guys and they should know better, by the guys that wear a team’s hats that are in the wrong colors.

    “Hey, I like the Red Sox! Should I get a red hat, a blue hat or a green hat? Definitely the green!”

    You’re an idiot. And take off the stickers and bend the brim while you’re at it. You look like the kid in little league who they couldn’t find the right size hat for so they just gave him the smallest one and it was still too big.

  2. Words cannot describe how much I dislike these women. I hope Ross will back me up in saying that I am in your .001 percent of women who actually wear jerseys because I give a darn about the game. I am also in the same boat as you with the Chris Cooley jersey. I bought it back in 2005 and now I feel like it’s tainted.

  3. Violet says:

    I have to thank you for this. I consider myself to be one of the .01 percent, and there isn’t a single person on Earth who thinks I’m a legitimate fan. Every (EVERY) person I’ve ever met is always stunned that (I’m a Packers fan) I knew who James Starks and Sam Shields were since training camp, not since they exploded in the playoffs, that I can list lineman and coaches and know a lot about team, both present day and history. It’s like that with me and all sports teams, and while it’s true that when people get to know me they realize that I’m a legitimate fan, the girly fans give me a horrible rep.

    Oh and I DESPISE the pink jerseys. I don’t understand, do they think they look fashionable or more stylish in them, because everytime I see one I cringe. Or when girls buy girly sporty clothing with their team on it for fashion.

    • merrikat says:

      what the fuck does it matter to you if i wear a pink jersey, or a fashion shirt with my team on it? i can name our entire roster and our plus-minus stats, and i like what i like. dudes wear dumb shit to sporting events all the time, and no one automatically assumes they’re attention-whore bandwagonners. if you’re so into the game, why are you spending so much time noticing what other people are wearing? personally, i’m there for the hockey, not tearing apart the motivations of other female sports fans based entirely on their wardrobe choices.

    • guess says:

      You realize most of the pink jerseys are sold in support of breast cancer right?

      • kevinjfisher says:

        maybe that’s why they’re sold, but it’s not the reason they’re bought. I doubt most girls are thinking, “hey let’s buy this so we can support breast cancer.”

      • becca says:

        And I personally have never met or even actually seen a female fan wearing a pink jersey, because that shit is condescending and usually ugly. We wear our team colors, because we’re fans of the sport, so therefore you can fuck right off.

        Even if there are such mythical creatures are you’re describing (demonizing?) in this post, that still doesn’t actually give you the right to judge their level of fandom, what their motivations are for being a fan, etc. Because people who aren’t jerks, they don’t take one look at woman and decide what’s in their heads. Next time you see a girl in a pink jersey? I’d recommend that you NOT automatically decide that she’s awful, how about it? She can wear what she wants, so sorry that she’s desecrated your manly houses of the holy, but until you have purchased and own the team, there is exactly nothing you can do about it but what you’re doing–writing passive-aggressive posts on the internet.

  4. kevinjfisher says:

    I appreciate the feedback from some of our female audience. glad to hear it annoys you as much as us men. Thank you for being part of the .01 percent haha. (I may have exaggerated some, it’s much closer to .02 or .03 percent)

  5. labellehockey says:

    Holy shit.

    I know you’re serious….but are you fucking serious with this post?

    Misogyny.txt. Thank god I never ran into sports fans like you growing up, or I wouldn’t have bothered

  6. Ana says:

    Wow. WOW. Searching for Dale Hunter memorabilia somehow led me to this absolute trash, and after a good five minutes of staring at it speechless, I’m still not sure quite how to react.

    While I understand that you’re frustrated with what you perceive as “bandwagon fans” getting their grubby fingerprints all over your sports fandom, choosing to focus on women as automatically and intrinsically shallow fans betrays an unbelievable amount of misogyny and generally douchebaggery. Implying that the only possible reasons a woman would ever want to attend a sporting event would be because Omg, Girlz Night Out!!1! or to impress a man isn’t just offensive, it makes you sound pretty stupid.

    You need to understand that women can walk around in jerseys that–gasp–FIT them, which seems to be a crime in your eyes, in face we can wear jerseys and six inch pumps and still love the game as much as men with their god-given Understanding and Sole Ownership of sports. That does not give you a right to question ours or really any fan’s dedication to the sport, and this kind of wholesale dismissal based on gender is really startling to see. You don’t sound cool or like a true fan, you sound like an asshole.

    Interestingly enough, your whole initial basis for this nonsense is that girls buying a jersey for just one event is a stupid thing to do–curious, have you personally polled every woman that you’ve seen who has filled you with such rage over her attendance–which if you would pull your head out of your ass, you’d see was in reality a pretty compelling argument AGAINST this. You said it yourself: jerseys are expensive. Anyone can go out and buy a shirt for twenty bucks, but a jersey represents a significant commitment of money usually following a significant commitment of time. Perhaps you think that women are more likely to throw this money away blindly because–well, I don’t really know, maybe it’s because Women Love Shopping, aren’t they cute?

    It’s total dicks like you that create the atmosphere for ridiculous things like the pink jerseys in the first place, which marginalize female fans and attempt to segregate them off into certain colors and rationale for fandom. And by the way? Maybe you think that you’re right because female fans agree with you, but that’s because you’re being a sexist asshole and a bully and they want to be seen as that “0.1% of true fans”. FYI, if you’d done your research or oh, say, the minimal effort of a quick Google search, you’d know that you’re pretty fucking off. Women make up:

    47.2 % of major league soccer fans
    46.5% of MLB fans
    43.2% of NFL fans
    40.8% of fans at NHL games
    37% of NBA fans
    Women purchase 46% of official NFL merchandise
    Women spent 80% of all sport apparel dollars and controlled 60% of all money spent on men’s clothing
    Women comprise about one-third (34%) of the adult audience for ESPN sport event programs

    Right, so. 21st century thinking? You might want to step on into it, we’re all waiting for you. In the meantime, I sincerely hope you show this blog post to any woman who you ever want to sleep with again, and see what her opinion is of you after she finishes reading.

    I see that the comments are moderated, so I seriously doubt this will actually make it onto your site–regardless, I’m posting this elsewhere, because it needs to be said.

    • kevinjfisher says:

      how long did that take you to write? probably could’ve made a cake and finished your laundry in less time

      • Ana says:

        Boy, I sure hope someone was nearby to high-five you for that one. Funny thing is? I made a nice pound cake this afternoon. And then I spent an hour looking at my team’s Corsi and defensive zone starts. And then I forwarded this to every female sports fan I know.

        It was a fun afternoon! Thanks for the memories, pal.

      • kevinjfisher says:

        I spent two hours looking at my team’s corsi and defensive zone starts. and i don’t even watch hockey. some fan you are.

      • Ana says:

        Who’s writing your material? Because they are fucking fired.

    • Torch says:

      “Oh, people can come up with statistics to prove anything. 14% of people know that.”

      • Ana says:

        Here’s your source, love:

        Whereas the “0.01% true fans” stat, that came from–where, their ass? Seems legit!

      • kevinjfisher says:

        what’s your least favorite country, France or Italy?

      • Ana says:

        Don’t be silly, nobody ever says Italy.

      • Torch says:

        I have a hunch that this blog titled, “She-conomy” may include subtle feminist themes. On the other hand, here is my reliable source for all gender unbiased information:

      • Ana says:

        And if you’d actually clicked on the link you would have seen immediately that it’s an advertising resource for marketing to women, which clearly is not on this blog’s list of priorities–I imagine it comes somewhere after “Simpsons quotes” and “very important circle jerk”. No worries, that 0.01% that’s actually closer to 40% have been busy writing actually informative and thought-out blogs all on their own–without your permission to tag along in sports fandom, even!

        I see your He-Man and raise you a She-Ra.

    • Little Red Friend says:

      Someones on there period

  7. Stephanie says:

    The fact that you feel only women partake in these bandwagon fan habits is disgusting.

  8. That’s funny, because most of the time I’m the one at games explaining the rules to guys. Most of the time, I hear the men around me saying ridiculously inaccurate things about the players, stats or team. I can’t even count on two hands the amount of women I know who live, breathe and die sports. How dare you make such statements like: “For women, the game isn’t even secondary, it is irrelevant. Women view live sporting events as just another opportunity to show others how much “fun” they are having and being able to pretend they are a “fan.””? For women? Really? Try: some women. Try: some men.

    Do you ever look at men and think, “Does that guy even like sports?” No? That’s your problem, not ours, that you just assume women are less knowledgeable or dedicated. At the Bruins Stanley Cup parade, I watched thousands of men in dumb Lucic/Seguin jerseys trolling around the city using it as an excuse to get drunk. I go to games and know more than almost all of the people around me. And I know many, many, many girls who are the same.

    How about you write an article about the PEOPLE who just buy jerseys for the game instead of women? This article is completely ignorant. Are there girls who go just for the fun? Yes, of course. But there are probably just as many guys, if not more. The girls just stand out because they’re the minority of the crowd.

    Do you even pay attention to the internet? There are so many women who run credible sports blogs. For every pink jersey, there’s a man wearing a shirt of the only player he knows on the team.

    • S says:

      i’m still marveling at anyone who can afford to buy a jersey for every game. !!! and you have to order them weeks in advance! at least the ones i’ve been looking at do.

      also i grew up in the south, and my family were SEC junkies. try telling the women they weren’t real fans because they were in dresses and heels at a football game. they will kick you in the face.

  9. I think the .01 percent is a significantly larger that .01 percent. I’ve grown up a pretty hardcore sports fan my whole life. I’m the real deal. I get angry when sports marketing “shrinks it and pinks it” thinking that will make me want to wear it. I don’t mind a more feminine cut to a team t-shirt, but I’m a FAN and I want to wear my team’s colors and logo too. So, I get your annoyance by all of this.

    But here’s my question for you. How are you so sure these girls you see aren’t real fans? How do you know that they’re not into sports? It seems you’re judging on appearance or one time attendance to a game? Not every female sports fan is unattractive, and not everyone can afford to go to games all the time. Just saying, it’s food for thought.

    I will admit to having a pair of Houston Astros flip flops that are sparkly…does that make me less of a fan? I hate to think so given what I spend on season tickets every year and the time and dedication I put into the worst team in baseball.

    I don’t disagree with your dislike of the “fakers” but I do hope that you’re not jumping to rash conclusions about every pretty girl you see at a sporting event or every girl who wears a sparkly team shirt….some of us like to cheer for our team while still looking like a girl.

    • Ross says:

      Trust me, I’m praying for the gorgeous girl who walks up to me while I’m watching baseball and asks me why Mariano Rivera isn’t closing out this particular game for the Yankees.

      • S says:

        maybe she’ll walk up and tell you why she thinks that. maybe she doesn’t need to ask because she already — gasp! — has her own opinion and doesn’t need to, because _she’s a fan_.

      • Ross says:

        No, that girl sounds annoying.

    • kevinjfisher says:

      no problem with that. thanks for a non-hysterical post. i should have added the fact that i know many males display the same behavior. and I don’t mind if girls want to look like girls and have some sparkly stuff. just get it in the team colors. and I get that it can be unfair to girls who actually know their stuff, that jerks like me sometimes automatically assume they don’t know anything.

  10. idlewild says:

    Dude. The two biggest Red Sox fans I know are women. One of those women has season tix to BU Men’s hockey, which is how I got into following hockey. My boss likes to break down which Finnish players are doing well in which NHL teams (TUUUUUUUKKK!!!). The woman who has an office next to hers is a huge Celtics fan. I’m not one of the cool .03 percent, I’m one of millions of women who enjoy the pageantry of bread and circuses.

    There are plenty of idiot fans, gender has nothing to do with it. Sports franchises are a money making venture. You bet your sweet ass (which you have duly exposed to the world by writing this article) that they have gone out of their way to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. It’s no secret that teams want to sell merchandise. People watch sports. People buy merch. People feel like part of something bigger than them. People get novelty jerseys with ’69’ on the back. Oh, yeah, that one is mostly guys.

    Of course there are a lot of female fans of any and all sports. Of course some of them can recite the stats for their favorite teams far back into the mists of time, while some of them giggle vapidly and point at the prettiest player. Trust me, the serious sports fan in the office is almost certainly boring the crap out of the casual folks who like to catch a game if it’s on while they’re at the bar, and that’s got nothing to do with gender either. I should know, I’ve watched the eyes glaze over when I get a wee bit enthusiastic about comparative goals against averages.

    P.S. Even though I am buddies with a bunch of (female) Caps fans, I’m going to take a moment to be an ugly Bostonian and gloat in fulsome smugness over how much more recent success my town’s teams have had than yours. There ya go, I’m a woman and a homer.

    P.P.S I totally own a Providence Bruins shirt and I’ve only been to one game. It’s comfortable. And now I’ll be able to wear it and know I’m irritating someone, which is just a bonus.

  11. gottabekd says:

    There are a heck of a lot more than .01 percent of women who are actually serious fans. Maybe get to know a few before writing tripe like this.

  12. Seriously ? Get laid dude.

  13. Julia says:

    Stop judging girls just for wearing jersey. I can guarantee you know my stuff and can name every single player on the favorite hockey team’s roster and then I go to more games than you do. If you didn’t make it seem like you were talking about all woman than I wouldn’t be annoyed by this.
    Secondly, do you seriously think that women don’t want their team to win? I think you are just sexist and don’t want to face facts. You’re pathetic.

  14. fergus30 says:

    Hi Kevin

    …interesting article here. You’ve managed to generalize, stereotype and trivialize a whole gender, congrats! That’s quite an achievement.

    I’m probably guessing that you are expecting some backlash from female fans, so I’m here to meet your quota (you can put a % on that too, horray!). Now, I’ll preface this by saying, I am not a football fan, and I never will be, so I can’t speak for fans of your sport, but I am a hockey fan, and I’d like to think I’m a fairly dedicated and knowledgable one. Characterizing women as fair-weather and bandwagon fans to the degree that you have, is, quite frankly, very offensive. There are going to be bandwagon fans for every team in every sport and surprisingly, they are going to be of both genders. Before you say “I have posts scheduled for those people too!” I think you need to sit down and think about how dangerous it is to ascribe a type of behaviour to over 50% of the population. (Or 49.9%, as you’d have us believe)

    The environment surrounding sports fandom is at times, hostile for a woman to navigate, with consistent positing if you’re “really a fan or just trying to get laid” always a disgusting question in the background. Your post has added to this horrible type of action and has made it much more possible that women will choose not to become fans of a sport that they love, to avoid the backlash and condensation that accompanies that fandom. Maybe you should think about what kind of narrative you’re encouraging when you do posts like these, instead of trying to get a cheap laugh.

  15. Okay, I’m going to try and stay calm, but I can’t. You know how many women like sports and not because of whatever? How many play? Get out of your head and see that girls can like sports, even if they are wearing a popular player. I love how you all judge girls. Because obviously, our minds are oblivious to sports. A lot more then 0.01 percent of women like sports. Don’t judge a girl on who she wears, what she is wearing, and how she looks. She could know more than you. Seriously, get over yourself.

  16. ??? says:

    Did you get rejected by a girl in a pink jersey?

  17. desienfree says:

    You can not be serious with this shit. Hope you get hiccups and it lasts for at least 100 yrs you utter twat.

  18. Megan says:

    Soooo……you just assume that any girl in a jersey just bought it for that one game? I’m pretty sure that is the most idiotic idea I have ever heard.

  19. Angel says:

    Oh, give me a break. Oddly enough, the only thing MY jerseys & other team apparel say about me is that I’m a hockey nut in general & a rabid Blackhawks fan in particular. Well, they also say that I prefer the home jersey to the away & 3rd alternate versions and that my favorite players tend to be goalies and d. True, I have accumulated a lot of fan gear in my time, but that’s because I attend about 15-20 games a year and watch every single one of the others on TV. I’m ever sorry that my team spirit (and disposable income) offend you so. Only not.

  20. furcifer says:

    “You see pictures of girls at tailgates and football games wearing jerseys.”
    So your knowledge of girls is from what you see in pictures on the internet? I actually know some girls and many of them like sports. In fact I know some girls who watch more sports than my male friends.


  21. Ross says:

    I’d like to point out a few things here:

    1) Kevin did title this “Part I” of a series about bandwagon fans. So he clearly has more types of fans he considers bandwagon (hint: a lot of them are dudes).

    2) It doesn’t really surprise me that the women who posted comments on here ARE true sports fans, because what kind of person who wasn’t a fan would be Googling sports info? I doubt Tiffany Notafan is sitting at her computer looking up sports blogs.

    3) You all seem to be hockey fans, which doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, I just find it interesting.

    4) I will be the first to agree, there are just as many bandwagon/fair-weather/know-nothing male sports fans as there are women.

    5) I find it hilarious that this article drew so much attention almost 8 months after it was written!

    6) If any of you women out there who are really sports fans are also attractive and live anywhere near DC, I would love to buy you a beer (beer, not Smirnoff).

    7) This post was inspired by the large (LARGE!) number of our female friends/acquaintances who exhibit this behavior. I’m not sure how old you all are, but if you log onto facebook and see pictures someone took from a sporting event, I’d be HIGHLY surprised if you didn’t see A TON of this stuff listed above.

    8) Honestly I had no idea anyone but our friends read this crap and it cracks me up that people actually took the time to get worked up about the ramblings/rants/incoherent tangents we’ve thrown together here (8 months after the fact no less!).


    • kevinjfisher says:

      dude, apparently we gotta go to some hockey games.

      I don’t think they realize that this article isn’t aimed at the kind of girl that is going to be looking at an obscure DC sports blog article that is 8 months old.

    • SOmeone recently posted it on another blogging website, so it brought a bunch of people, I guess.

    • Ana says:

      I found this on a random Google search today and linked this on my blog–it was picked up by a well-read twitter and then another blog–you might be interested to know that the link now has more than 150 notes on it, all in less than six hours, all objecting pretty vocally about what you have to say here.

      Female fans are completely aware of the fangirl factor, just as you are–that’s fine if you choose to be annoyed by them, we often do too. The problem is the sweeping generalizations and the statements made here that when you see a female sports fan, these are your automatic assumptions. That’s not fun to hear. Some fans suck, some fans are stupid, some fans know fuck-all about sports, some fans will stand up and knock their beer onto your head. None of this is exclusive to female fans.

      That’s all we’re really mad about, and that’s all we’re saying. R-E-S-P-E-C-T etc. We kind of think you might have miscalculated your percentages.

      • kevinjfisher says:

        tell them all to subscribe!!! We’ve had two posts in the last six months!! coming soon in March of 2012, Bandwagon Fans Part II: Girls Who Speak During Sporting Events

      • Ana says:

        Ooh, you’re right, I bet they’d all line up to get advice from a guy whose first thought on seeing someone wearing a jersey is “does she even like that team?” It’s understandable. Sometimes I see a guy wearing a hat and I’m like “I wonder if that guy likes hats”.

        Ross, you don’t seem like a bad guys, sorry for the floodgates and such.
        Kevin? ….you’re a dick.

      • Ross says:

        “None of this is exclusive to female fans.”

        I’d say the sparkles and pink are exclusive to female fans. And it it’s not, it should be.

    • socktape says:

      So how attractive are you, bro? What’s your dick length and girth and what can you do with it? Also, what kind of beer, because fuck off if it’s that fucking crap lite beer you bros like to swill down.

      Seriously, you have to be, like, Henrik Lundqvist hot or I’m not going to the game with you.

  22. kevinjfisher says:

    Can someone explain icing to me?

    • Kani says:

      Icing is when the puck goes over at least two red lines (generally the line in the middle of the ice, and then past the goal line). If it goes into the goal, it’s not icing. Same for if the team who shot the puck is on PK. If one of the players from the team that shot it gets to it before the defenders, it’s waved off (This is a highly dangerous move – a lot of players are very badly injured over icing collisions, so a lot of people call for icing rules to be changed, to make them safer). If ANY player touches it before it goes past that into the trapezoid behind the goal, it’s not icing. That includes the goaltender.

      And there ARE a lot of fair weather fans/bandwagon fans of each gender, but it’s not particularly fair to generalize and say there are only .01% of females that are sports fans. I confess to being a new sports fan, but I don’t consider myself a bandwagon fan, either. I feel bad that you guys apparently know so few true female sports fans as to think that these generalizations (and lets be honest here, sexist) comments apply. When I’m at a game, I’m at a game. And I’m sure that applies to many of the women who posted here – even if I’m not too into a sport (see: baseball) you’d better believe I’ll be asking questions. A friend of mine experienced this when he took me to a rugby game. I was constantly asking questions.

      Believe it or not, some people (of both genders) who start as “bandwagon fans” can be taught, and become “true” fans. (Yes, I’m another hockey fan. I’m also a rugby fan, and a soccer fan. Friends are still working on that “football” thing, but that’s difficult when the only football team nearby is made of holy failboat.)

  23. kevinjfisher says:

    do you want to hear my thoughts on Title IX?

  24. labellehockey says:

    Go ahead and tell me I could have finished my laundry and baked a cake while I was “wasting my time writing that”. You give sports fans a bad name, and you should be ashamed. Adding “oh lol i guess guys do this too sometimes???” after the fact doesn’t excuse you, what you’ve written, and your flawed thought process that lead you to that conclusion.

    Have a good night.

    • kevinjfisher says:

      speaking of people who give sports fans a bad name, you should read this article:

    • irony says:

      Interesting response.
      “Fuck you for writing a blog post about it, airing your stupid goddamn opinions to the wider world, fuck you for contributing to the culture that makes sports intimidating for women and above all else, Fuck The Patriarchy for making it possible”

      Two parts of this really stuck out to me.
      1. “Fuck you for writing a blog post about it, airing your stupid goddamn opinions to the wider world” Stupid opinions huh? Can opinions be stupid?
      2. “Fuck The Patriarchy for making it possible” oh wait… i guess opinions can be stupid

  25. Tom B. Rady says:

    Damn. Those really are some cute looking Jerseys, if I do say so myself. I don’t see the problem with this article.

  26. storm says:

    the only thing i don’t like to see people wearing at games is apparel for the opposing team. be it pink, white, sparkly, bedazzled, appropriate “manly” things like polo shirts, or whatever else. and if they’re wearing them, i want to see them crying on the way out because we annihilated them.

    i also don’t want to see anyone wearing a pittsburgh penguins jersey. anywhere. ever.

    other than that, i don’t care what people are doing there, what they’re wearing, or why they got into sports. i don’t have a checklist that people (mostly women, sadly) have to fill out to be judged a “real” fan or not. showing up to cheer for your boyfriend’s team is no less lame than cheering for one your dad told you to like when you were a kid. and a girl going to a sporting event with her boyfriend — or, say, my husband letting me watch every single hockey game because i insisted we get Center Ice — isn’t lame, sometimes people do things for people they care about, because they know the other person enjoys that activity and they like to see their partner(s) happy.

    as a female sports fan, when i see things like this i automatically assume that a man is threatened by women who may, possibly, know more than they do about the sport. i’ve had guys stop talking to me when it’s obvious i know more about hockey than they do. after assuming i’m an idiot who doesn’t know anything. women have to pass some ridiculous test to “prove” our worth as a fan, and we get tired of it. that’s why you’re seeing this response to your post. so dish out whatever you want, but get ready to take it. and if you can’t take some friendly chirping and passionate opinions and responses about something you say on a sports blog…you must be an NBA fan. 😉 because isn’t that the point? you called out the majority of female sports fans, and some of us decided to answer you. you’re welcome!

    and if the people you hang out with are that annoying about sports, find some new friends. maybe they’re trolling you, as i suspect you are doing to the world at large with this post. or maybe i just want to believe that, because i cannot honestly believe women’s apparel causes you this much angst. i’ve got a good sense of humor, and i can take the heat about my sports love, but you better be teasing me about my team’s goalie-running habit or how the NHL is run by a secret cabal of Bruins-loving elves — not about my gender determining if i actually know what “NHL” stands for.

    and i did do my laundry, including my brand-new Bruins hoodie i refuse to wear on game days. i think i’m going to go put rhinestones that spell out my goalie’s badass save percentage from the finals this year. LET ME BLOW YOUR MIND WITH THAT ONE.

    • kevinjfisher says:

      hey now, I may be making sweeping generalizations about half of the population, but don’t call me an “NBA fan”. that’s crossing a line!! and we are loving all the responses. it’s all in good fun for us.

      • storm says:

        well i can tell you one thing, if you’re going to be a hockey fan, you’re going to have to get some better comebacks. chirping skills are essential!

        ….i bet you’d be a penguins fan. 😀

    • furcifer says:

      As a Bruins fan shouldn’t you hate the Canadiens more?

  27. Hal Niccals says:

    Because no one else has touched on it –
    “Girls who wear a pink colored jersey of a team are barely above Hitler.”
    Yeah, mass genocide is definitely equitable to liking pastels and/or not really liking the designs for the standard colored jerseys, and I love being told that I’m equitable to the Third Reich. Thanks for that mental boost! [/sarcasm]

    • Torch says:

      You’re right, Hitler would never wear a pink jersey.

      • Hal Niccals says:

        This site is clearly a bastion of maturity and rational understanding. I don’t know why I expected anything more than stupid snarking and avoiding of the problem.

    • Ross says:

      You might want to look up the definitions of “sarcasm” and “hyperbole” in the dictionary.

      • Hal Niccals says:

        While we’re giving recommendations, you might want to look up the definitions of ‘tact’ and ‘misogyny’ in the dictionary. While you’re at it, read up on Hitler and see why people think using his name, even in a hyperbolic sense, is deeply offensive to a great number of people. And throwing out that you were being ‘sarcastic’ and ‘hyperbolic’ only heightens the perception that you, and the people defending this article, will do anything to hold on to your outmoded ideas about women and how everything they do can be boiled down to a few pithy, untoward remarks about how dumb we are and how much it bothers you that women enjoy going to sports.
        Besides, telling me to look up sarcasm is rather irritating, since it’s been the main rhetorical thrust of my arguments on this entire page. In fact, it might be the most irritating thing about your denigration of my arguments. Look, hyperbole.

      • Ross says:

        You say these things as if I wrote this article.

  28. socki says:

    The responses from this article alone indicate, quite clearly, that women’s suffrage was a mistake.

  29. Elizabeth says:

    So, I found this via someone I follow on Tumblr, and she and I are are of the same opinion. I found this generalization to be pigheaded and disgusting. Not all female fans buy jerseys for the sake of buying a jersey – if they’re that committed to putting their money into something like that, chances are they’re actual fans. I don’t know any female sports fans, including myself, who buy pink team shirts or jerseys. I personally do not like the color that much anyway. Pink shirts do, however, serve a purpose in raising awareness of breast caner, which can actually affect both men and women.

    I’m not that much of a football fan, even though I do watch the Bills every Sunday. But even though I’ll never be that committed to the sport, I make sure I learn the rules and the terms of the game so that I at least know what I’m talking about. I am a diehard fan of the Yankees and Sabres, and I’ve been a Yanks fan since I was four – seem like a bandwagon fan to you? Maybe (and this is well-intentioned) you should get your head out of your ass and look at the intelligent sports blogs run by women.

    I know hockey like the back of my hand and know more about it than all of the men I know. I can tell when a sports journalist is full of crap and I know that Pierre McGuire is really creepy as an interviewer. I know that height doesn’t mean as much in the NHL as it’s made out to – look at the likes of Martin St. Louis, Nathan Gerbe (the shortest player in the league), and rookie goaltender Jhonas Enroth.

    To avoid rambling endlessly, I have to conclude this comment. Don’t insult the intelligence of female fans by grouping them with the bandwagoners. Some women bandwagon, some men bandwagon. If a woman wants to wear a pink shirt with her team’s logo on it, so be it – maybe she’s aware of the fact that it raises breast cancer awareness. If a man wears a jersey with the only player he knows on the back of it, maybe you should be questioning him instead of the women you were stereotyping in this post.

    • Ross says:

      You should probably note that he has indicated here that not ALL female fans are like this. In fact, one of my friends who posted above is a part of that group.

  30. Ross says:

    Are we getting enough hits from this article that we can start charging for advertising on this site?

    • Han "Sellout" says:

      You should advertise those pink Jerseys for all the female traffic you’re getting.

    • Ana says:

      Fraid not, sugar.

      Everyone else has already forgotten about you, I’m only still here because I had a bet on with a friend as to how long it would take one of you to make a “she’s on her period” joke. I lost the bet, but on the upside, I don’t have to talk to you anymore! Later ❤ wish you luck with…whatever it is that you people do here.

      Ross, I spoke wayyy too soon. You're also a dick.

      • Ross says:

        First off, that was a joke. Yet another example of people here needing to look up “sarcasm”. Second, we haven’t done peep on this site in months, the only reason we came back to look at it was because you all have been flooding our inbox. Third, neither myself or Kevin made the “period” joke you referenced, we can’t control the other people that visit this site. So I don’t know what bet you made, but you might want to give that money back. Fourth, your characterization of a “dick” is apparently someone who disagrees with you and/or has an alternate viewpoint. I’ve been nothing but honest and cordial on this thread, while interjecting some humor here and there. I don’t take myself seriously enough to actually get upset about something as trivial as this. Sorry if that offends you. Might want to get a life and not dwell on what some random blog on the internet says. I’m sure there’s plenty of other lady-bashers out there for you to obsess over.

  31. kevinjfisher says:

    just like to point out that I just saw a picture of a girl wearing a football jersey today that I KNOW doesn’t watch sports. I think that settles the argument.

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