Movie Review: Diner

Diner-Barry Levinson-1982

Score: 3/4

Growing up, we all have that one place that is a hangout for your group of friends.  As we grow older, this place becomes somewhere to reminisce amongst friends.  In Diner, the six main characters always come back to the same small diner in Fells Point outside of Baltimore.  There isn’t anything special about this film in terms of story.  It takes place in 1959 over Christmas.  All the guys are in town for the upcoming wedding of Eddie (Steve Guttenberg).  The story shows the different life paths of the different characters and how the Diner seems to be one of the only places to keep them together.

The strength of the movie is in the relationships and interactions amongst the characters.  There’s the gambling addicted womanizer, the unhappily married man, the soon to be groom, the clown,  and the one who moved away.  There’s strong chemistry between the actors and Mickey Rourke gives a great performance in particular.  Speaking of which, those familiar with Rourke’s recent work will likely not recognize him.  There are some laughs to be had in this movie, but it definitely blends in dramatic elements.  Overall, a very easy film to watch.  Definitely recommended for those who like buddy films.

*Is currently available on Netflix Instant

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