Weekend Sports Notes

-NBA playoffs have begun.  Hard to get into it when you know it won’t be over until June.  Does anyone like watching basketball in June?  In my laundry list of complaints against the NBA, the length of both the regular season and playoffs is at the top.  16 teams making the playoffs is ridiculous too.

-NHL playoffs are also underway, which I surprisingly find more interesting than the NBA considering basketball is my favorite sport.  The product and intensity is at another level.  The Caps fans have actually been okay so far in not annoying me.  Perhaps because they are tempering expectations a little bit after last year’s failure.  So far they look good, despite yesterday’s loss.  Rangers scored today on some fluke goals.

-Clay Court tennis is under way.  Rafael Nadal just picks up where he left off by winning at Monte Carlo for the 7th straight time.  It’ll be interesting to see how his health holds up leading to the French Open.  Djokovic has been almost untouchable on hard courts, but how will he transition to the clay?

-Rory McIlroy was in contention all week in his tournament in Malaysia.  Ended up finishing third.  Good to see the young man get back on his feet so fast.  Also, he’s been a great sport about his Masters collapse.  It’s too bad so many still blindly support Tiger as opposed to following a good guy like McIlroy.

think Tiger would be cool enough to do this after a crushing loss?

-Fantasy Baseball has kicked in and so far it has been a failure for me.  Do not take any of my baseball advice.  Please read Ross’ baseball columns for that.

-And lastly, there are reports that team UNAT set a Masters swimming relay world record at the Colonies Zone meet at George Mason University.  The relay was subsequently disqualified, as UNAT is not a legal team.  The squad consisting of Damian Rodino, Ryan David, Tad Ogren, and yours truly will be back next year to re-set world records under the soon to be formed team called “Slow Swimming.”

SLOW Swimming Team Logo?

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One Response to Weekend Sports Notes

  1. tad says:

    Loving the logo. looking forward to the debut of SLOW swimming next year

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