Draft Rumor: Redskins Targeting Ryan Mallett with 10th pick

This rumor has been making the rounds.  Check out this article via SB Nation.


From that article:  “NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi reported on television Monday that the Redskins have interest in selecting Mallett with the No. 10 selection, according to a source “extremely close” to the team”

“Specifically, Lombardi asked the source about Shanahan’s targets with the tenth pick in the draft. The source told Lombardi, “Don’t rule out Ryan Mallett” becoming Shanny’s next franchise quarterback. ”

React:  Just another sign that the organization does not get it.  Look, there is no question that the team needs a quarterback for the future.  However, they’ve left themselves in such bad shape due poor management in the past, that they need players at almost every position.  For a team that is at least 3-4 years away, there is no need to rush to reach for a QB.  With Gabbert and Newton likely to be gone, Mallett would be a HUGE reach at 10.  And to be honest, I’m not sold on Gabbert and especially not Newton either.  This is not a good QB draft, so why reach for one when there’s top talent at other positions?

In fact, at 10, the Skins will have plenty of pass rushing options that could fit their 3-4 scheme.  It would be a great opportunity to start plugging some holes on their defense.  But instead, they want to take a QB with huge bust potential and major character concerns?  You would think after a season dealing with Donovan McNabb and a locker room cancer in Albert Haynesworth that the Skins wouldn’t want another potential locker room problem.  The lack of patience at Redskins Park is still evident.

sometimes I think he’s still pulling the strings

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