Dan Snyder: Public Relations Genius

You can’t make this stuff up.  Dan Snyder is refiling his lawsuit against the Washington City Paper.  Read this gem that he wrote in the Washington Post.


You may remember a couple months back when Snyder originally had plans to sue the paper for it’s article by Dave McKenna.  The article was a guide to Dan Snyder.  It basically detailed some of the actions of Dan Snyder throughout his years as owner of the Redskins. (read the article here:  http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/articles/40063/the-cranky-redskins-fans-guide-to-dan-snyder/ )

Most of the article was a compilation of material previously reported about Snyder in the past.  There wasn’t much breaking news in that article that hadn’t been reported about Snyder already.  In fact, the City Paper isn’t very well known and the article only stayed in the news for a few days.  It had been forgotten for quite some time until Dan Snyder decided to be a public relations genius.  He decided he was going to sue the paper with ridiculous allegations that the article was, among other things, anti-semitic.  Predictably, it was a PR disaster for Snyder, as media outlets crushed Snyder for his attack on freedom of the press.  Check out Brett Haber’s take on that for great entertainment.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHuFbFhN2gM )

Snyder should have learned from this mistake.  The public doesn’t take kindly to billionaires trying to silence small local papers.  That should be in PR 101.  Unfortunately, those familiar with Dan Snyder know too well that he is not one who learns from his mistakes.  He has decided to re-open the lawsuit.  Just when we had almost forgotten about everything, he wants to bring it back to the public eye.  I think we all know where this is heading.  Here are some of the gems from his Washington Post article:

“I am not thin-skinned about personal criticism”

Yet he can’t take some criticism from a small local paper?  Or the fact that he bought the most prominent sports radio station in the area.  One which had previously been anti-Snyder.

“Let’s be clear what this lawsuit is not about. It is not about money. I have already publicly committed to donate any financial damages I win to help the homeless.”

As we all know, Dan Snyder is never about the money.  Except for the times he sues old ladies who can’t pay for their seasons tickets anymore, charging a fortune to park a mile away from the stadium, forcing seasons tickets holders to pay games for next season even though they may not exist, still keeping Joey Galloway jerseys on sale for 80 bucks….you get the point.  Gotta love the fact that he’s promising to donate the money he’ll get to the homeless.  I can just see him sitting there thinking about how great a PR move that is.  That’ll fix everything!!

Is there a worse owner in sports?

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  1. Cora Harcum says:

    Interesting post.

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