Overrated/Underrated: Cake

Overrated:  Fancy Cake

For certain foods, it makes perfect sense to spend more money to ensure a higher quality.  There’s a big difference between some fresh Maine lobster and a meal at Red Lobster.  If you want a great steak, you aren’t going to get one at Giant.  You get what you pay for.  I get that.  What I don’t understand is that there are foods where people spend an inordinate amount of money on, that just aren’t worth the price.  A prime example of this is cake.

Wedding Cake:

If there is one example that will perfectly illustrate my point, it is wedding cake.  Let’s start off with this:  How many of you have had a piece of wedding cake that was simply unforgettable?  Personally, I’ve never really had a piece that was that great,  but I will concede that some of you may have had a great piece of wedding cake.  However, what if I told you that the average wedding cake costs $550 dollars.  In fact, that’s considered a bargain.  Often times cakes can cost upwards of $1000 dollars.

Let’s put this into perspective for a second.  Weddings are expensive.  Us guys don’t really care too much about the details.  But for a woman, it is a magical day.  They grow up dreaming of the perfect wedding.  It is their day, and as men, we must ensure that money will be spent to provide them with their perfect wedding.  With the wedding planning process, it makes sense to spend money on certain things.  A nice venue, great dinner, a good wedding band.  These are things where it makes sense to spend a little extra coin to make the wedding great.  Then there’s the cake.  Can you honestly say that 1000 dollars spent on a cake is necessary?  For a cake that doesn’t even taste that good?  Do you realize how easy it would be to save a good 900 dollars or so by making a better tasting cake at home?  Well, as we all know girls sometimes struggle in the logic department, and on their wedding it’s even worse.  They just want a cake that looks pretty.  This may be an impossible battle, but as a man, it should be your duty to try to explain to her how the money for the cake budget could be put to better use.

Examples of how the 1000 dollars could be better spent:

  • could be put in fund for 2nd honeymoon
  • 1000 tacos from Taco Bell
  • Super Bowl tickets
  • going to track and putting money on a horse with a cool name
  • lighting it on fire

You get the idea.

Expensive Cupcakes:

The more annoying cousin to expensive wedding cake are expensive cupcakes.  Have you noticed this trend of all these upscale cupcake stores that are popping up nationwide?  You know the ones with people lined up on the sidewalks to get in.  Around here, it is Georgetown cupcake.  Naturally, a food establishment that has people outside the doors waiting will spike your interest.  It has to be good, right?  Well, in the case of Georgetown cupcake, you’d be wrong.  Not only was it overrated, the cupcakes weren’t even good.  Yet, people fall for it because they make them look fancy and have them in a nice looking display.   What is it with women and their infatuation with food that looks nice?  I don’t care if my cupcake is uglier than the lead singer from Nickelback, if it tastes great, I will buy it.

Underrated:  Homemade Cake

Now look at that.  That is a cake.  The best aspect of making your own cake is that you are the boss.  You control the amount of icing.  (preferably a ton).  You control how many jimmies you put on.  (Yes I call them jimmies.  Why don’t you high society types who call them sprinkles go wait in line for an hour at the local cupcake scam shop)  Want to put some bacon on the cake?  Sure, why not.    And the best part, it is easy to do.  Even I can make a great chocolate cake that will outshine that garbage wedding cake.  And trust me, I almost set my apartment on fire last year making a grilled cheese sandwich,  so anyone can do it.

Homemade/Supermarket Bakery Cupcakes:

Homemade cupcakes are the same deal as cake, but even easier to make.  But sometimes, you are too lazy to want to spend your time baking.  And some people, being manly men, have to much pride to be caught  baking.  So, sometimes you just have to go out and buy some cupcakes.  Of course you don’t want to spend an hour in line with a starving impatient women behind you to buy a 5 dollar cupcake.  The solution is easy.  Any local supermarket with a bakery will have cupcakes that are just as good.  And for less money.  And in less time.  And not having to lose brain cells listening to a group a girls talk about how cute the cupcakes look.

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5 Responses to Overrated/Underrated: Cake

  1. Ross says:

    Underrated cake: Banana cake. Absolutely fantastic. I might publish the recipe here if my mom allows me. For those of you saying, “Gross, I don’t want fruit in my cake!” I couldn’t agree more. I hate fruity desserts. Trust me, it doesn’t taste like bananas. One try and you will be hooked.

    • Oh God, here we are again – are we really talking about the banana cake again? Ross, the banana cake IS fantastic… but it DOES taste like bananas.

      Hey, you remember that time you hid the last piece in that drawer, and found it like a week later because you forgot about it?

      • Ross says:

        1) While there may be a hint of banana in the taste, I think people assume this is like a cherry pie situation, which it’s not.

        2) Yes and that was awesome. You know it’s a good hiding spot when even you cannot remember where it is. Point me.

  2. Joe says:

    The whole wedding cake battle isn’t worth fighting, my friends

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