Mid-Week Sports Thoughts

-For anyone who thought that Tyler Hamilton’s testimony of Lance’s doping was bad, the final dagger came when George Hincapie was reported to have testified to a Federal Grand Jury that he and Armstrong supplied each other with EPO and testosterone.  For those unfamiliar with Hincapie, he is Lance’s closest cycling friend and rode on his team for all seven of his Tour de France victories.   If you don’t believe the accusations at this point, it’s only because you choose to ignore all evidence.  For those who missed the 60 minutes interview with Tyler Hamilton, I suggest watching it here:

Part I


Part II


-The French Open has begun and it seems we are destined for a Rafael Nadal vs. Novak Djokovic final.  Though, this was tested today as Nadal had to go to five sets to defeat American John Isner.  Isner was an unlucky draw for a first round opponent, but Nadal was not particularly sharp in the match.  Djokovic has already defeated Rafa twice on clay in the last month and hasn’t lost this year.  He is the best tennis player in the world right now.  What about Roger Federer?  He’s flying a little under the radar right now, but I see no way he could beat Djokovic if it gets to that point.

and here is your French Open Women’s Preview.  Ana Ivanovic!  (what’s that?  she already lost?  Do I care?)

-The NBA playoffs are still going on.  Whatever.  When does College Basketball begin again?

-For golf fans:  If you live in the DC area, I highly suggest attending the US Open at Congressional on June 16-19th.  Tiger Woods has announced he will play, but I would put a lot of money on him not making the cut.  If this is the case, Saturday and Sunday tickets could be cheap.  Otherwise, if you want a cheap option, I suggest going to a practice round on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.  The players are much more accessible and the crowds are much smaller.  And you can likely get a ticket for less than 10 dollars.  It can’t be understated at how amazing it is to see the skill level of these pros in person.  There are not many sports in which you can get within feet of a top athlete without being taken out by security.

-As you probably noticed, we are not the biggest NBA fans.  However, I do love the NBA draft.  Now that the lottery has taken place, we will start discussing some of the better prospects in this year’s draft and some potential sleepers.  Though, looking at some early mock drafts, this has to be one of the weakest drafts in recent memory.  Stay tuned..

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3 Responses to Mid-Week Sports Thoughts

  1. Ross says:

    Really psyched for a possible Djokovic/Nadal final. Djokovic has played out of his mind lately, but I still give the edge to Nadal on clay, especially at the French. I might have to come to the Fisher household to watch this match if it takes place and I’m in the area.

    Oh, and Ivanovic… wow! Personally I think she’s hotter than Kournikova and Sharapova, but that’s just my two cents. And that picture you used of her is not the most flattering. She’s gorgeous.

    • kevinjfisher says:

      If you get the chance, watch Djokovic vs Del Potro tomorrow. or tape it if you are at work. that match could be great. such a tough draw for Novak in the 3rd round.

  2. djokovic says:

    Djokovic 41 . ……….

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