Where There’s Smoke….Penn State Edition

Sick of the Penn State coverage yet?  I sure hope not.  In fact, many including myself are of the opinion that we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.  Massive cover-ups, payoffs, missing District Attorney’s….some of the rumors being thrown out there are astonishing if they turn out to be true.  If you tried to sell this story to Hollywood, they’d laugh at you and call it unbelievable.  There are a few indicators that lead me to believe that in this situation there is too much smoke for all of these things to be just rumors.  Some Examples:

Mike McQueary goes from Graduate Assistant to Position Coach at Penn State?

Typically in the College Football world, one does not go straight from a graduate assistant position straight to a head position coach.  Maybe at a smaller program, but not at one the level of Penn State.  But this was the case with Mike McQueary.  When he witnessed the sexual abuse by Jerry Sandusky in 2002, he was a graduate assistant at the time.  The next year he is a position coach?  This is not the typical career promotion involved in big-time college football.  Makes you wonder why he got promoted so quickly?

Jerry Sandusky Retiring at age 55?

In college athletics, it is far more common that coaches try to hang on too long before retiring (see Joe Paterno) than it is that they retire early.  At the time of Jerry Sandusky’s retirement, he was a young 55 year old and one of the most respected assistant coaches in all of football.  He was coming off a 10 win season at Penn State and was being offered multiple head coaching positions.  Yet, he chose to retire?  Why?  Is it plausible to believe that many within the athletic department and University were aware of his transgressions and that retirement may have not been his choice?

The Missing District Attorney

Here’s where it starts to get interesting.  In 1998, a district attorney named Ray Gricar decided not to press sex charges against Jerry Sandusky.  In 2005, Ray Gricar disappeared.  His body was never found and he was pronounced dead.  All that was found were his car and his laptop, which was destroyed.  First off, why didn’t he prosecute Sandusky in 1998?  Why was his laptop and hard drive found destroyed?  There’s no hard evidence to suggest there’s a link here, but does anyone truly believe this isn’t connected in any way?  I have a hard time believing this was just a coincidence.

Jerry Sandusky Rumored Have “Pimped” Boys to Donors

This is possibly the most damning rumor of them all.    Read about it here:


Surely this one is just a rumor right.  Who is the source here?  As it turns out, it is a Pittsburgh radio host named Mark Madden.  Gotta be some local host just spewing charges right?  Or maybe not.  Back in April of 2011, Madden wrote an article implicating Sandusky and the University for the possible cover up of sexual abuse charges.  He was on this story in April!  Perhaps when he says something, we should listen.  It will be interesting when authorities follow the money trail for Jerry Sandusky’s Second Mile charity.

With all of these peculiar situations, it makes me certain that this story will continue to have legs.  It could certainly turn into possibly the biggest sports scandal of our lifetime.  Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Where There’s Smoke….Penn State Edition

  1. Joe says:

    Perhaps most damning of all is McQueary’s red hair. It will be interesting to see the effect his lack of a soul will have on the investigation/prosecution.

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