About the Blog

Welcome to “The DC Sports Dudes”!  This is a blog set up by my partner and myself to help you all see the world of sports, movies, TV, food, etc through the eyes of two everyday guys and not the usual talking heads on TV.

This guy never knows what he is talking about.

How you might know this blog is for you:

1.  You watch ESPN and say to yourself, “This guy doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.”

2.  You often wonder what the best places are to clog your arteries with unnecessary fat and calories.

3.  You watch movies and/or TV and say to yourself, “That movie was totally underrated.” or “That show sucked, why do people talk about it so much?”

4.  You get sick of reading/hearing the same boorish and repetitive opinions/stories that are produced over and over by the mainstream media.

If one or more of these apply to you, we encourage you to continue reading and enjoy.

However, if any of the below apply to you, you might want to click the X in the upper righthand corner of your screen:

If you love a good Brett Favre press conference, this site might not be for you.

1.  You turn on SportsCenter and are happy to see a line up of: “Brett Favre”, “Red Sox/Yankees”, “Kobe Bryant” and “Tiger Woods”.

2.  You prefer to avoid food that would be described as “unhealthy”.

3.  You think a “Step Up” movie marathon would be a great idea.

The choice is your’s.  Enjoy!


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